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Nike Utility


Nike Utility LV8

Leaders in the manufacture and marketing of certain products are identified by the quality of their products. However, for more comfort in the field of sports and fashion, it is important to choose a pair of shoes that meets certain quality criteria. For this, some world reference brands are to be preferred. This is the case of the brand Nike whose new collection Air Force 1 LV8 Utility continues to generate media curiosity never seen before. So we gave ourselves reasons and means to go and discover this product. You'll get the report in this article.

The brand Nike and its famous Air Force 1 line

This brand has been hovering for decades on the minds of sports and fashion enthusiasts with many models of basketball shoes and others. And the expansion of the Air Force 1 line with the air Force 1 Utility model is just one proof of its many successes. It confirms the supremacy of the swoosh brand in the field of sports equipment manufacturing. It must be said that the Nike Air Force 1 is the culmination of three long years of research by footwear designers Nike such as Bruce Kilgore. The collections around the flagship model do not cease to follow one another with notably the range Nike Air Force 1 Shadow and the Nike AF1 Type.

The original idea was to integrate the Air-Sole unit into the collection of Air Force 1 models, which remain basketball shoes. The renowned design gave life to the first Bball model Nike in 1982 equipped with the new technology " Nike Air ". It is a system of air units hidden under the heel to make the cushioning better. This model of sneakers was named after the plane of the President of the United States (Air Force 1) to inspire the unparalleled leap in height of basketball players.

It was launched with six basketball players, although it was also a huge success in the rap culture. Even in the absence of new models, the old Air Force 1 LV8 were customized by young basketball players from the working class neighborhoods of the East Coast metropolises. However, the policy of renewing the versions almost cut short their happiness when Nike decided to stop marketing this product. Fortunately, it was resurrected by two Baltimore boutique promoters with a talent for sneakers paul Blinken and Harold Rudo. So the white/blue and white/brown colorways were created after they went to Nike headquarters to re-launch the product.

What does the Air Force 1 LV8 collection really look like?

Some technical details about the AFL products tell you more about the Air Force 1 LV8 collection collection and give you a deeper understanding of it. It must be said that this line features dual Swoosh. In addition to this, the omnipresence of the logo Nike the quality of the exterior of the upper and the triple buckle at the heel. These are all parameters that are very popular with sneaker fans. Note that its large Swoosh is wrapped in a leather upper that tops the very thick sole while its upper is perforated. And for a better grip on the ground, you can count on its spherical pivot points running along the top of the outsole. In terms of aesthetics, the Nike AF1 LV8 the presence of a silver metal at the bottom of the laces which was more round with the starting models to become rectangular at the 25th anniversary in 2007. Its dominant color was white and gray laces. There are about 1800 versions of this collection in high, medium and low models.

What is special about the Air Force 1 LV8 Utility?

The popularity of the Nike Air Force 1 Utility LV8 in the world of sneakers, hip-hop hip-hop culture culture and the London scene is no accident. In fact, this sneaker style shoe is inspired by the traditional basketball silhouette for a more youthful touch. It has all of the above features of the AF1. It is a very original model whose novelties allow it to find its place in any collection of sneakers. Its novelties are related to the impeccable leather, to the classic colors, to the sparkles that allow you to shine in a thousand stars. Especially with the most coveted models, the Air Force 1 07 LV8 Utility White and Black