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Upcoming Sneakers releases


How to see the next sneaker releases?

As sneaker enthusiasts, we thought we'd share a few tips to help you keep abreast of the latest releases. First of all, when it comes to sneakers, information is the key to getting the latest sneakers Nike, Adidas, New Balance... In other words, keeping abreast of sneaker releases is crucial to your success in obtaining those pairs from limited editions that everyone covets. As a first step, note that one of the best ways to stay up to date is to follow specialized social media accounts, online discussion spaces (like Discord or Facebook groups) and read blog articles that focus on sneaker releases. And to make sure you don't miss out on any of the biggest releases, we recommend that you regularly consult our section on the arrival of the next pair of sneakers. In addition to providing you with sneaker information, Limited Resell will give you the opportunity to treat yourself to the latest and hottest sneakers, as our team aims to offer for sale even the hardest-to-find sneakers of your dreams. And don't forget that Instagram is also one of the platforms we recommend for keeping an eye on upcoming sneaker releases, as influencers and insiders often post teasers of upcoming releases there. It's also a good idea to consult specialized sneaker sites such as Whentocop, which compile most of the important information on sneaker releases. In short, all these options give you a clear advantage in anticipating releases and planning your buying strategy accordingly. But if you still can't get your hands on the pair of your dreams as soon as they're released, don't forget that they'll probably be appearing among our many trendy sneakers before you know it!

How to copy the next sneakers?

In the (very) competitive world of sneakers, copying the latest releases represents much more than a simple commercial transaction; it's an operation that requires you to develop a whole strategy upstream: stay permanently plugged into the sneaker ecosystem, following Instagram accounts, newsletters, specialized sites and blogs to keep abreast of the latest rumors and official announcements. Word-of-mouth is also essential in this field. But beware of fake news. Of course, it's crucial to know the sneaker release dates, the participating retailers and the specific conditions of each drop. Once you have all this information, use it to draw up your plan. Some outings will be more coveted than others, so it's important to decide in advance which sneakers you want to position yourself for. On the day of the outing, whether for a pair of women's sneakers or men's sneakers, you'll need to be technically prepared: a fast Internet connection will be your best friend for copying a pair of sneakers as quickly as possible, while a functional smartphone or computer with optimal fluidity will be appreciated. We also recommend having several tabs open on different devices, the aim being to maximize your chances. Finally, before you go on sale, log in to your accounts on the retailers' websites. Now all you have to do is wait for the moment!