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What are sneakers?

The sneakers are shoes that can be both high and low. Most of them have a canvas upper or a leather base the whole resting on a rubber sole. Very appreciated for their style and comfort, sneakers are in fact a derivative of sports shoes in that they are more intended for everyday use than for sport. And if this type of sneakers was first a sensation with young people, the generations that precede them are now more and more sensitive to the charm of the sneaker. Many brands have contributed to this craze, including the brand Nike as well as the brand New Balancebrand, born in the United States, in Boston.

Why do we say sneakers?

Unlike the French, the Anglo-Saxons clearly distinguish the classic sports shoes and those intended for a city use. Thus, English and Americans speak about "sport shoes" for shoes dedicated to the sporting activity, and "sneakers" for a pair being used for a daily use. But maybe you ask yourself the following question: why the word "sneakers"? In reality, this anglicism finds its origin in the verb "to sneak", or "to move furtively" in French. This little word known by all, we owe it to the American Henry Nelson McKinney, advertising agent in Philadelphia. Indeed, in 1917, he would have affirmed that his rubber sole made it particularly stealthy. The sneakers Jordan have participated in the craze around the sneaker phenomenon phenomenon from 1985 onwards.

What's the difference between sneakers and sneakers?

If, from an aesthetic point of view classic sneakers and a pair of sneakers may look the same, but it is in their use that they differ. Indeed, the traditional sports shoes, known as "sneakers", are primarily intended for the practice of a sporting activity. The sneakers, as for them, are sports shoes whose use was diverted to give place to an everyday use. A pair of sneakers is in fact based more on the stylistic than on the sporty characteristic of a classic sneaker. We can make the comparison with the Air Jordan 1 which are rather qualified as sneakers, while the Nike Dunk are more perceived as sneakers for the city.

The sneaker: an emblem of popular culture, a revolution in the world of fashion and streetwear

From the 70s onwards, sneakers became popular at a lightning speed. Young Americans from urban areas played a major role in the spread of the phenomenon snkrs phenomenon: they were the first to wear sneakers almost systematically. Since the 1990s, the world of hip-hop world has also played an important role in the popularization of the shoes: great artists such as Tupacnelly or Kanye West, willingly show their love for sneakers, inviting people around the world to share their taste for these shoes of a new kind. With time, the sneaker phenomenon has even become the subject of exhibitions and artistic subjects. In short, more than just a sneaker the streetwear shoe has become the emblem of a popular culture today appreciated by all.

Moreover, the big brands having taken note of the craze which was created around the sneaker, saw in that a commercial opportunity which they could not let pass: thus, the giants of the market such as Adidas and Nike took advantage of this to develop their first sneakers, sometimes with famous artists. Moreover, these first successful associations have given sneakers a certain "credibility", especially with major players in the fashion and even figures of the high fashion. Thus, a small revolution takes place: the sports shoe can be as well a luxury product as a trendy shoe and accessible to all. And at the moment, it seems that the sneaker phenomenon is definitely at the peak of its glory.

Sneaker releases, successful collaborations: designers and stars from all over the world are playing the sneaker game

In terms of successful collab', we will of course cite the one that brought together Michael Jordan and Nike for several years in the last century. However, it was not won for the brand with the Swoosh brand, which at the time had to deal with a Michael Jordan fan of Converse. However, the offer proposed by the firm to the basketball player took all the same the top. Thus, in 1984, the famous NBA player agreed to collaborate with Nike, to give birth a short time later to a pair of sneakers that we no longer present: the Air Jordan.

And how can we talk about revolutionary collabs without mentioning the one betweenAdidas and Kanye West ? For almost 13 years, the two fashion icons have worked and climbed the ladder together. But it was in 2009 that it all began: the Yeezy the duo's first creation, the Kanye West, made its appearance on the fashion scene. The latter was the starting point: after the successful West/Adidas partnership, other brands followed suit by teaming up with renowned artists. It is in this context that new collaborations are flourishing: among them Nike X Travis Scott with revisits of the Air Force 1and the Jordan and the Nike SB... More recently, we also saw the birth of the collaboration between Drake and Nike who propose to reinvent the Air Terra Humara of 1999, or that of Jaden Smith and New Balance.

Finally, the luxury houses have also wanted to make a place for themselves in the world of sneakers: some of them have decided to reappropriate the concept of the streetwear shoe and they do it very well. Thus, we could, in previous years, witness the alliance of Converse and Dior, of Jacquemus and Nike with the new Humara, Off-White and Nike, or the one between New Balance and Aimé Leon Dore with, among others, the famous revisit of the New Balance 550

Sneakers Nike, New Balance, Jordan: what are the best sneakers of the moment ?

If there are no best sneakers strictly speaking, some of them have had a particular success. Their names deserve to be remembered, and that's why we are about to make a small overview of the most popular sneakers of this beginning of the century

At Nike bruce Kilgore ensured, as early as 1982, a bright future for the brand: indeed, at that time, the Air Force One made its appearance and has become a must-have in the eyes of all. And if the success of the sneaker resided above all in its simplicity, the brand from Oregon, has, over the years, proposed several revisits of its traditional Air Force, including the Shadow and '07 editions. In 1984, the release of the Jordan supports the already dazzling success of the brand with the swoosh. And since then, many Air Jordan silhouettes have been released: among the most popular at the moment, we particularly find the Jordan 4 Military Black and the Air Jordan 1 Mid Metallic Gold

Of course, it would be inappropriate to talk about the bestsellers of Nike without mentioning the famous Dunk. However, little appreciated at their beginning, the Dunk sneakers have experienced a remonstrance that will later bring them international fame. The Nike Dunk the most famous are undoubtedly the Dunk Low. In fact, the most popular of the moment are the Dunk Low Medium Olive and the Dunk Low World Champ, both of which have a classic aesthetic, but which works every time

Finally, it should be remembered that the majority of Nike sneakers are literally unanimous on an international scale. Proof of this is that the Oregon-based firm still holds the main shares of the sneaker market. The brand initially designed mostly men's sneakers before realizing that there was a strong demand for women's sneakers.

On the side of Adidas, we notice that a real rise of the brand took place since the creation of the Label Yeezy with Kanye West. And although the history between the rapper and the brand with three stripes is now over, Yeezy still seems to make its effect: the bold aesthetics of the sneaker proposed by the duo has been all the rage in recent years, and this is not about to stop, especially since we may witness a rarefaction of the sneaker Yeezy. Among the favorites are the very classic Yeezy 350 V2as well as the Yeezy 700which are a little more sophisticated

Finally, if at the beginning, the creator of New Balance was looking to improve the purely technical aspect of his sneakers, they will very quickly take another turn. Indeed, while the first sneakers New Balance were mainly based on a sole allowing a perfect balance, the models released during these last years present an aesthetic more and more worked. Some silhouettes have been particularly sensational, and the New Balances 550 are one of them. More specifically, the brand's flagship models of late are the New Balance 9060 Natural Indigo and the New Balance 9060 Rain Cloud. The sneakers New Balance 2002R sneakers are also among the sneakers are also among the most worn pairs of the moment.

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Restocks of Sneakers

Many models of sneakers are subject to a restock this means that the brand of sneakers makes a restocking it injects new quantities on the market of the sneaker market. In the middle, it is frequent that the creators realize

restocks of sneakers and particularly Kanye West, with his range Yeezy or with the brand with the swoosh, on the sneakers Nike Dunk.