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Which product is best for cleaning sneakers?

Whether it's a pair of Nike orother sneakers, sneaker care is essential to prolong their life and keep them in perfect condition. Fortunately, some products have been specifically designed for this purpose. One example is Crep Protect waterproofing spray: an invisible and effective protection that repels all types of liquids while preventing stains. Once applied, it creates a protective barrier on the sneaker's surface, making it difficult for water or any other liquid to penetrate. It's the ideal way to keep your sneakers dry and looking like new! The Crep Protect cleaning kit is also an interesting option: this kit is a complete solution for sneaker cleaning. It contains a cleaning brush, a cleaning product and other accessories to help you effectively remove dirt, stains and marks from your shoes. Finally, the ultimate gift set Crep Protect is, in our opinion, the best option for those who want the very best in sneaker care. It generally combines all the essential products in the Crep Protect range, from waterproofing spray to cleaning kit, ensuring that your sneakers are in impeccable condition.

How to avoid damaging your sneakers?

For those who want to keep their sneakers in optimum condition, it's not enough just to clean them. It's also crucial to keep them in a suitable place. That's where the Crep Protect set of 2 sneaker storage boxes comes in: these boxes are specifically designed for shoe storage, offering protection against dust, scratches or any other elements that could damage your pair. They're also transparent, so you can see your sneakers without having to open the boxes. The boxes are also stackable, making the most of the space available and facilitating storage and organization of your collection.

How to avoid wrinkles on leather shoes?

You've often wondered how to avoid wrinkles on leather shoes. Today, we bring you the answer. Leather is a material that can easily wrinkle or deform over time. And to avoid this, Crep Protect shoe trees are the perfect solution. These pairs of shoe trees are a foot-shaped device that you insert into your shoes to maintain their initial shape. The object is designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of your leather sneakers, preventing them from wrinkling or deforming. As well as maintaining shape, they also help to absorb moisture, which is crucial for leather, as moisture can quickly cause damage or release unpleasant odors. In short, regular use of shoe trees can considerably extend the life of your leather shoes, while keeping them looking as good as new.

How do I clean white sneakers?

Cleaning white sneakers is, for some, no mean feat, given their tendency to get dirty. But with the right techniques and a few products, it's easy to restore your immaculate shoes to their original shine. Here are a few tips on how to clean white sneakers:

- Mild soap and toothbrush:

Start with the simplest. Take an old toothbrush, mild soap (like hand soap or mild detergent) and lukewarm water. Mix the soap with water to create a foaming solution. Use your toothbrush to apply the mixture to the stained areas of your sneakers, using gentle circular movements. This is particularly effective for superficial stains.

- Baking soda and white vinegar:

This mixture is known to work wonders on stubborn stains. Mix baking soda and vinegar to form a paste. Apply this to the stains and leave to dry for a few hours. Once dry, brush the paste gently and you'll see the dirt go with it.

- Machine washing:

Machine-washing sneakers isn't always out of the question. In fact, if your sneakers are suitable for machine washing (check the label or manufacturer's guide), you can wash them at low temperature with a mild detergent. Don't forget to remove laces and insoles before washing. It's also a good idea to put the sneakers in a wash bag or pillowcase to protect them during the cycle.

- Cleaning kit Crep Protect:

The Crep Protect cleaning kit is a high-end solution for those wishing to clean white sneakers or any other pair of sneakers for that matter. This kit includes :

  • A premium cleaning solution: specially formulated to clean thoroughly without damaging the shoe material.
  • A high-quality brush: the bristles are designed to clean effectively without damaging the sneaker. Particularly useful for delicate fabrics or suede.
  • A microfiber cloth: to dry and polish the shoe after cleaning.

To use the kit, start by removing surface dirt from your sneakers. Then mix the solution with water and use the brush to clean the shoes in circular movements. Once you've finished cleaning, use the microfiber cloth to dry your sneakers. And if you want to know how to clean suede shoes (like Adidas Campus 00s, for example), this kit will do the trick!

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