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Telfar, the trendy handbag brand

Telfar Clemens was born in 1985 in Queens. And if at that time, he did not suspect it yet, the fashion world will be shaken by his arrival. The story begins in 2005: at only 19 years old, the young American-Liberian launches his brand of accessories and clothing. The latter bears his first name: Telfar. At the beginning, the brand struggled to make a place for itself on the high fashion scene: at the time, the major fashion players were not ready to welcome the young designer's very avant-garde vision. Indeed, while the trend was to discretion and conformity, Telfar was going against the grain by proposing a non-gendered and atypical fashion. But in 2013, while normality is becoming corny, Telfar manages to arouse some interest. And this is the moment that the designer chooses to partner with Babak Radboy and Avena Gallagher, two personalities who have greatly contributed to the creation of the Telfar identity and its promotion. Since then, the designer has won a string of awards, fashion shows, successful collaborations, etc. And it is precisely on these last ones that we are going to lean.

Telfar and his successful collaborations

If he does not yet make sneakers for women and men, Telfar is still the king of the handbag. The designer has thus collaborated with many brands and has brought them a certain diversity. Among its marriages, we find the one that links it to Eastpak for the third time this year. An association that works for everyone, especially since the two brands offer models of simple and unisex bags. This year, the brand Telfar brand has also worked with the Canadian Moose Knucklesa high-end clothing and leather goods brand. Finally, more recently, the New York-based brand has collaborated with the UGG shoe brandto bring to life women's Telfar handbags that are both cozy and elegant. Among the most popular, we will find the Telfar x UGG Shopping Bag Small Chestnutthe comfy bag that we all dream of having for the winter season. Perhaps we can expect a future collaboration with the brand Nike or Adidaswho knows?

Where to find a telfar bag?

"It's not for you, it's for everyone" this is the slogan of Telfar. It's a good thing, because the new York brand pleases everyone! And for the past few years, the telfar bags are also the new handbags preferred by the stars. Lately, we have seen celebrities such as A$AP Ferg, Beyoncé, or Dua Lipa, wearing their telfar accessory accessory. And since the brand is in the top of the trends, we had to offer you the possibility to get your telfar handbag. That's why, right now on Limited Resell, you can find the famous Telfar bag!