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Air Max Plus Utility Lace Toggle


Air Max Plus Lace Toggle Utility released

The Air Max Plus family has been further extended with the arrival of a new model that has created quite a sensation in France: the Lace Toggle Utility. It's hard not to notice this pair of Nike it's hard not to notice this pair of shoes, which perfectly merges the sportswear aspect inherited from the original TN model, with a fashionable touch provided by the long laces that intertwine along the entire length of the shoe.

Launched in 2023 to our great delight, this new edition ofAir Max continues to make a splash. They're literally everywhere. The Air Max Plus Utility are remarkably versatile. They're perfect for sport, thanks to their thick, sturdy sole that offers stability, while the mesh base ensures lightness and comfort. But they're also perfectly suited to everyday life. In my opinion, TN Utility shoes go perfectly with a multitude of styles, from the most classic to the most original, not forgetting our favorite: sportswear.

TN Lace Toggle Utility also find their way into very chic events, thanks to the talent of some. Many have mastered this new model to make it effortlessly fashionable. And the result is simply breathtaking!

It's clear that the Air Max Plus Lace Toggle Utility were eagerly awaited for their versatility. Now it's time to join the Air Max Plus movement and dazzle us with your most successful looks!

Our TN Utility models

We've taken note of your growing interest in TNs, so we've selected our five most coveted TN Utility models to help you find your way around and make your choice.

Let's start simply with the Air Max Terrascape Plus in black. This pair of Nike Air Max Plus Utility is simply ideal for fans of all-black looks and easy-to-wear sneakers. You'll find it easy to match and wear them for any occasion. In short, it's TN Utility black without the slightest flaw.

If you're looking for a similar style, but in white, the Air Max Terrascape Plus Summit White Photon Dust is the all-white TN Utility you need in your wardrobe. If you have a preference for white, this is the pair for you.

For those who hesitate between black and white, Limited Resell has thought of everything by offering you a Nike TN Utility that combines both! Yes, that's right. The Air Max Plus Lace Toggle Utility Black Grey, as its name suggests, features a black base (reminiscent of the all-black TN Utility) embellished with touches of gray. Its little extra? The grey details reflect in the dark! Personally, I find this detail makes all the difference, turning this pair into a classic with that little something extra.

Finally, for the daring in search of originality, we're pleased to present the two gems of the season: the Air Max Terrascape Plus Ratan and the Sea Coral. The former offers a sublime blend of cream, khaki and black, enriched by numerous details, such as the variety of materials blending mesh, matte rubber and a white mesh cover. It would take us an hour to describe all the features of this Utility TN, but believe us, it's exceptional! The Sea Coral follows the same trend with a new, even bolder but equally successful color palette: midnight blue, almost black, a lighter duck blue, cream for the sole (embellished with a few splashes) and, yes, pink. The result is absolutely breathtaking!

How do the Air Max Plus Utility fit?

At Limited Resell, we've had the opportunity to test a number of TN Utility 2023 models, and we're unanimous about their sizing: they fit perfectly. They're comfortable to wear, although for those of you with wide feet, you may feel a little cramped. In that case, either loosen the laces or opt for a half-size larger than your usual size. No more, though! It's essential that the TN Air Max Plus Utility give you adequate support.

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