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The advantages of choosing the Limited Resell gift card

If you are looking for the perfect basketball gift idea ? Bingo! With a Limited Resell gift card , it's a party every day! Imagine giving yourself the power to choose your dream pair of trainers – it's the jackpot, zero risk of failure! It's cool for you too: trainers gift cards are always available, no racing against time to nab the latest pair of hype trainers .

It's the best of the best to please. No crush yet? No stress, the trainers gift card has a lifespan of one year - enough time for the recipient to find their rare gem among the Nike , Adidas , UGG and much more trends that parade. And you have the power to choose the amount, enough to complete the trainers budget of the person you have decided to spoil without worry.

And let's talk practical: goodbye to the hassle of theft upon delivery. With the basketball gift card , it's direct: payment made, card generated, with no shipping costs or delays. Quick, easy, and so practical!

How to purchase a Limited Resell gift card

So, are you ready to be a trendy Santa? If you're a little lost when it comes to purchasing our sneaker gift cards , don't panic! The Limited Resell team is here to guide you. First step: head to our site, and head to the “discover” tab. Click on “ gift cards ” and tadaa!

We make your life easier: the amounts are already ready, just choose between €25 and €800 (yes, we've thought of everything!). Then add your shoe gift card to the cart, enter your information, and bam, you are the champion of the perfect gift. Keep an eye on your emails (and even spam, you never know) to find your promo code to use for any trainers purchase.

But be careful, be aware: our gift card is valid for one year and is neither exchangeable nor refundable. So, check out our men’s trainers and our women’s trainers !

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