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If the majority of trainers on the market today are unisex, some brands have even opted for a male/female distinction, not on aesthetics, but on the sizing of the shoe. Faced with the successes of recent years in men's sneakers as well as men's shoes . Indeed, Nike and Jordan have marked the difference between a men's size and a women's size, at least with regard to US sizing. However, this is not the case at New Balance for example, which has chosen not to gender its models. Indeed, the brand considers that any pair can be worn by a man as well as by a woman. Unlike women's sneakers , in this section, it is a selection of men's trainers that we invite you to discover now!

Nike : Air Max for men and Air Force for men

If the creation and marketing of the Nike Air Max dates back to 1987, the idea of Air technology came to life 17 years earlier in the head of engineer Marion Franklin. Originally, this innovation was intended to reinforce the protective layer of astronaut helmets. But very quickly, the engineer saw in this discovery a new advantage: one aimed at improving the cushioning of athletes' sneakers. This is how years later, the Nike Air Max was born. Today, Air Max is behind many flagship models such as the men's Air Max 1 and the men's Air Max 90 which join the brand's team of iconic silhouettes. And of course, we don't forget the TN men's sneaker, which has also become a must-have in the Air Max men's range.

Bruce Kilgore's Air Force 1 also has something to brag about: his international reputation for the Nike Air Force 1 has made it a must-have in the eyes of the whole world. However, she almost did not experience such success! Indeed, the Air Force one was originally intended to be limited to basketball players' feet, and for a period of only two years. However, the enthusiasm for the AF1 was such that Nike had no other choice but to continue production. Even today, the Nike Air Force 1 is appreciated by everyone, especially among men. This is why you will find on our site the traditional Air Force 1 for men , available in different versions: we find among others the Nike Air Force 1 07 for men , or the Air Force 1 Shadow for men .

The Jordan 1 for men and Jordan 4 for men from the Air Jordan brand

In 1985, the Air Jordan 1 arrived in the world of trainers , and it made waves: the sneaker conceptualized by Peter Moore enjoyed unrivaled success and Michael Jordan proudly wore his pair during his matches. And if the colors of the Jordan 1 displease the NBA, Nike seizes the opportunity to divert this rejection and creates the essential Air Jordan Bred. Very nice publicity stunt from Nike , so much so that the Jordan 1 has become an emblematic figure of trainer , especially among men. The Jordan 1 for men is also available on our platform and comes in different models: we find in particular the Air Jordan 1 Mid for men , or the Air Jordan 1 Low for men .

If the models preceding the birth of the Jordan 4 were imbued with elegance, it is the functional aspect which was worked on the Nike Air Jordan 4. Indeed, Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield bet on the lightness of the material in giving the Air Jordan 4 a lightweight leather to make it a real performance tool. The bet won: it was with this new pair of sneakers that Michael Jordan took off and performed the action that eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989. Today, the Nike Air Jordan 4 is all the rage, not only among basketball players, but also among women and men around the world. This is why we provide you with different models of men's Jordan such as the men's Jordan 4 on our site.

Yeezy 700 men and Yeezy 350 men

If Yeezy 's days seem in danger since the termination of the contract between Kanye West and Adidas , the brand's image remains protected by the international influence of the Yeezy x Adidas collaboration. Indeed, after repeated best-seller releases, Yeezy has managed to occupy a prominent place in the world of trainer and fashion in general. Men are particularly attracted by the trend. Thus, you will find dozens of men's Yeezy on our website, including the men's Yeezy Boost 350 and men's Yeezy 700 .

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