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Nike Air Force 1


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Developed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, the Air Force 1 basketball line marked the start of a long adventure. Not only does it remain the firm's best-selling product, it has also been dubbed the "legend of the street ". Since 2000, these shoes have been adopted by hip-hop stars and celebrities alike. Discover here the different versions of the Nike AF1 around the world.

Nike and the birth of the AF1

When the company Nike was founded in 1971 by Americans Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, success was not on the cards. The idea was initially limited to importing Onistsuka Tiger shoes (now Asics) from Japan for resale in Oregon. The products were geared more towards the NBAsports world in the United States, a discipline that was flourishing at the time, and which would later see the Air Jordan models. It has to be said that the marketing campaign initiated by the brand took on another dimension with basketball player Georges Gervin. Gervin, former glory of the San Antonio Spurs, adopted them until the creation of Air Force 1.

With the company's revenues on the rise, Jeff Johnson proposes an end to imports, opting instead for in-house production. The name of the number 1 sneaker manufacturer is inspired by that of the Greek goddess Nike. Legend has it that she possessed an impressive speed of movement at work. One of her few most publicized representations, the Victory of Samothrace, can be seen in the Louvre exhibition museum.

Since its creation, the brand's logo has featured the effigy of a swoosh: an inverted comma, the symbol of speed. It was proposed by Philip Knight's student Carolyn Davidson for just $35, with subsequent upgrades. Over the past decade, Nike 's reputation has spread beyond the basketball court to the soccer field. Its direct competitors in the retail market are Adidas and Puma.

The Air Force 1 collections for women

TheAir Force 1 is a streamlined product with an original, sober design. The sole, made of leather, is topped by an upper featuring the mythical inverted comma. The high-top sneaker is available mainly in white, with accessories such as straps in gray. Although limited in stock, these shoes are available in over 1,800 different versions. With this potential, it's easy to opt for products that stand out from the crowd.

On the front of the sneaker uppers, circular perforations and pivots that are hard to miss facilitate grip on the ground. As for decoration, Nike has opted for a deubré, a silver metal motif on the bottom of the laces. Initially designed with circular contours, it has been produced with rectangular edges since the 25th anniversary in 2007.

Created in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 is the fruit of many years of upstream research by Bruce Kilgore. For the launch, the company called on six top NBA players, including Moses Malone, who won the NBA title the following year. This success, made possible in part by the air unit hidden under the heel, further increased the brand's notoriety. From then on, it extended to the world of hip-hop and fashion clothing. The Air Force 1 women's models were a hit in stores. Couples and salesmen flocked to the shelves, buying AF1s for men, women and children.

Theyear 2021 saw the revelation of the Air Force 1 Pixel, a low-profile model with superior quality leather.

Unlike 2020, which broke records with sales of the Air Force 1 Shadow models, which match your outfits every season.

The Air Force 1 line offers five main types of sneaker. Whether it's the low, high, suede, flyknit or LV8 pairs, they stand out from Nike prime plus on ingenuity. Here are the specific features of each.

The Nike Air Force 1 high released in 1982 is the American firm's original take on the sneaker market. This performance pair is a special offer dedicated to basketball players. Thanks to their flexibility and suppleness, they made pivots easier. Over time, however, they have undergone major improvements to adapt to street shoe models. In fact, after 40 years, the Nike Air Force 1 high is still the model of choice for fashion enthusiasts.

The Air Force 1 Low models were released in 1983, just one year after their predecessors. Like the latter, the launch stock quickly ran out, except that this model was interrupted for 2 years. Re-launched after incessant demand in 1986, this sneaker has become a symbol of everyday life, with record sales. Adulated and elevated to deity status by some fans, it is the most sought-after model by hip-hop singers.

The Air Force 1 LV8 models are inspired by the emblematic models that the Nike brand has previously marketed to its subscribers. But if there's one thing that sets them apart, it's their materials and textiles. Although made from solid leather, they offer better ventilation for the feet, with contrasting looks and feel. If you're looking for extra comfort in the toe area, this is definitely the model for you.

Pairs of suede sneakers mark a break with high and low models. The company replaces the hard leather upper with soft, lightweight suede leathers. TheAir Force 1 suede combines classic looks and tonal colors to create a wide range of distinct patterns. These shoes are encapsulated right down to the heel, and are synonymous with authenticity.

With the Air Force 1 flyknit sneakers, the Nike brand takes sneakers to new horizons. This model also marks a divergence from classic hard leather soles after many years of existence. As the name suggests, the soles of thisAir Force 1 are made from soft, breathable flyknit. The idea is to show that the firm's shoes are not just reserved for the basketball court. That's why they remain so popular on the streets and catwalks alike.

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