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Nike Air Force 1


Air force 1 Nike Sneakers

Developed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, the air Force 1 sneakers line of sneakers marked the beginning of a long adventure. Not only does it remain the firm's most popular product, but it is also nicknamed the "Street Legend"legend of the street ". Since 2000, these shoes have been adopted by hip-hop stars and some celebrities. Discover here the different versions of the Nike AF1 around the world.

Nike and the birth of the AF1

When the company was founded in 1971 by Americans Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight Nike didn't think it would be a big success. The idea was initially limited to importing Onistsuka Tiger (now Asics) shoes from Japan for resale in Oregon. The products are more focused on thesports world of the NBA in the United States, a flourishing discipline, which will see in particular thereafter the models Air Jordan. It must be said that the marketing campaign initiated by the brand has taken another dimension with the basketball player Georges Gervin. The latter, former glory of the Spurs of San Antonio adopted them until the creation of the Air Force 1.

As the company's revenues increased, Jeff Johnson proposed an end to imports and opted for in-house production. The name of the number 1 equipment manufacturer in the sneakers is inspired by the name of the greek goddess Nike. Legend has it that she possessed an impressive speed of movement at work. One of its few most publicized representations, the victory of Samothrace is also in the exhibition museum of the Louvre.

As a logo, the brand has carried since its creation the effigy of a swoosh: an inverted commasymbol of speed. It was proposed by Carolyn Davidsona student of Philip Knight for only $35 with subsequent upgrades. Over the past decade, Nike 's reputation has spread beyond the basketball court to the soccer field. Its direct competitors in the retail market are Adidas and Puma.

The Air Force 1 Women's Collection

The Air Force 1 is a sleek product with an original design which focuses on sobriety. The sole, made of leather and topped by an upper with the mythical inverted comma. The high top sneaker exists mostly in white colors with accessories like straps in gray. Although its mode of sale is in limited stockthese shoes exist in more than 1800 different versions. With this potential, it is therefore possible to easily opt for products that clearly stand out.

On the front of the sneaker's upper, perforations and circular pivots that are difficult to miss facilitate the grip on the ground. As for the decoration, Nike opts for a deubré, a silver metal pattern on the bottom of the laces. Initially designed with circular contours, it is realized since the 25th anniversary in 2007 with rectangular edges.

Created in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 is the result of years of research by Bruce Kilgore. The firm for the launch called on six successful NBA players including Moses Malone winning the NBA the year after. This success made possible in part by these shoes composed of air unit hidden under the heel increases the brand awareness. From then on, it expands to the world of Hip-hop and fashion clothing. The models Air Force 1 women models are unanimous in the stores. Couples and salesmen came to the shelves to buy the AF1 for men, women and children.

L'year 2021 was the revelation of the Air Force 1 Pixelthese models are available in a low profile version and with a superior quality leather.

Contrary to the year 2020 which exploded the records with the sales of the models Air Force 1 Shadowmodels, which match with your outfits all seasons.

The Air Force 1 line declines its sneaker models in five main types. Whether it is the models of pairs low, high, suede, flyknit and LV8, they are distinguished from Nike premium more on ingenuity. Here are the specific characteristics of each of them.

The Nike Air Force 1 high released in 1982 is the original version of the American firm on the sneaker market. This pair of performance is a special offer dedicated to the players of the basket ball. Because of its flexibility and suppleness, it allowed to make pivots more easily. Over time, however, it has undergone significant improvements to adapt to the models of street shoes. It must be said that after 40 years of existence, the Nike Air Force 1 high is still a model of choice among fashion lovers.

The release of the air Force 1 Low models models were released in 1983, just one year after the previous models. Just like the latter, the stock at the launch quickly sank to the difference that this one undergoes an interruption of 2 years. Relaunched after incessant requests in 1986, this sneaker has become a symbol of everyday life with record sales. Adulated and elevated to the rank of a deity by some fans, it is the model most requested by hip-hop singers.

The models Air Force 1 LV8 models are inspired by the iconic models that the brand Nike has so far marketed to its subscribers. However, if there is a point on which they stand out, it is in the materials and textiles. Although they are made of solid leather, they offer better ventilation to the feet with contrasting looks and feels. If you want more comfort in your toes, this is definitely the model for you.

The pairs of sneakers suede marks a break with the high and low models. The firm replaces the hard leather upper with suede leathers soft and light. The Air Force 1 suede combines classic looks and tonal colors to create a wide range of distinct patterns. These are shoes encapsulated to the heel that rhyme with authenticity.

With the Air Force 1 flyknit sneakers, the brand Nike pushes sneakers to far horizons. This model also marks a divergence in the making of classic hard leather soles after several years of existence. As the name suggests, the soles of this type of Air Force 1 are produced with flyknit soft and breathable. The idea is actually to show that the firm's shoes are not only reserved for the basketball courts. This is why it remains very popular both in the streets and on the catwalk.