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Nike P6000


The Nike P-6000 design

The P-6000 is positioned as an ultra-dynamic, airy sneaker, the perfect ally for your jogging sessions or fitness sessions. Launched in 2019 by the famous brand with the swoosh: Nike these early models continue to make a splash, sporting rather unique color schemes that invite us to experiment with our outfits. The first detail that catches our eye on the P 6000 is its mini-swoosh, perfectly matching the color of the shoe. Personally, I love this discreet touch: if your P-6000 is blue, the mini-swoosh will also be blue, capturing the essence of the design. However, rest assured, the Nike P-6000 remains a surprisingly understated sneakers model, blending effortlessly into any wardrobe. Typically, it features a clear base adorned with brightly colored details, such as the famous swoosh, a section of the sole, or leather reinforcements arranged to create relief.

The materials selected for the manufacture of the Nike P 6000 guarantee its durability, making it an ideal sneakers for everyday use. Its design includes an assembly of fabric and leather, topped by a lightweight rubber sole. And bonus: it cleans up in a jiffy!

To sum up, choosing the P 6000 Nike means choosing the certainty of being fashionable without making any faux pas, while asserting your status as a connoisseur at sneakers.

Our P-6000 models

Limited Resell is here to make your sneakerhead dreams come true. With Nike P-6000 still turning heads and emptying wallets, we've got you VIP access to the hottest models. Get ready, I'm sending you a teaser of the nuggets you can get your hands on at Limited Resell (but be careful not to fall for too many)!

Let's start with the Nike P-6000 Premium Triple Black. It's the all-black must-have, super basic but so classy. No headaches, this blackNike P-6000 goes with everything and, bonus, says goodbye to stains!

Next, we turn up the volume with Nike P-6000 Pure Platinum. Not the flashiest, but it's got the look, all gray punctuated with black. A gray mini swoosh pops on black, and you're ready to hit the streets in style.

Metallic Silver takes it to the next level. Imagine Pure Platinum with a shiny trip. It's the grayNike P 6000 that won't go unnoticed, the one that boosts any outfit. My absolute favorite!

We change the vibe with Nike P-6000 Hangul Day. Out with the dark, in with the ultra-trendy nude. A cute swoosh to match, and it's a guaranteed crush with the beigeNike P 6000.

And to finish on a high note, Coconut Milk Medium Blue is a direct ticket to summer vibes. A cream base with touches of deep blue, and a swoosh that smells of coconut milk. It's underpriced, but clearly kicks ass.

Take a trip to Limited Resell. These beauties are just a taste of what's to come.

How do Nike P-6000 cut?

So, frankly, these Nike P 6000 men's and Nike P 6000 women's are pure bliss. Not only are they easy to mate, easy to clean and super comfortable to put on, but they're sized exactly the way you'd normally wear them. In other words, you can bet with your eyes closed on your pair of P-6000!

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