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Nike Supreme


The origin of the sneakers Supreme Nike

Supreme whose father is James Jebbia was born in 1994 in New York on Lafayette Street. At the time, the image of the brand was very oriented, in the sense that it was part of a clothing line intended primarily for skateboarders. Moreover, most of the salesmen in the store were skateboarders or street artists. Although discreet, the brand Supreme quickly became a success, not failing to make eye contact with the giant of the sneakers which already at that time was called Nike. And in 2002, while the brand with the swoosh conceptualizes the Nike Skateboarding range, nicknamed Nike SBit was obvious for Nike to call upon Supreme. The latter, seduced by the idea of a possible collaboration with Nike, willingly agreed to participate in the project. Thus, the opening of the SB range took place in 2002, with the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme White and the Black Cement at the head of the line. And if today, the Elephant Print worn by the first SBs has become commonplace, this Hatfield design had only been seen once before it appeared on the Nike SB. Indeed, only the Jordan 3 had dared this bold design. And it is by reusing the Elephant Print, that Nike and Supreme have honored NYC's love for skateboarding by Jordan.

Very quickly, the craze was there: the release of the sneakers Nike Supreme sneakers caused a sensation in the city that never sleeps and later all over the world. With this first victory, the two giants of streetwear quickly decided to give life to new silhouettes which we will list some names.

The best sneakers Nike in collaboration with Supreme

Air Force 1 Supreme

To open the ball, let's start by describing the very famous Air Force 1 Supreme White. Taking the codes of the traditional Nike Air Forcethe Supreme Nike Air Force 1 proposes to show the branding Supreme at the back of the sneaker and at the level laces. The two elements signed Supreme are tinted with a bright red that reasonably breaks the immaculate appearance of the Air Force 1 Supreme. Moreover, we love the original side of the Nike AF1 Supreme in that they have not been distorted by the New York the New York brand Supreme.

Air Max TN Supreme

We now move on to the Air Max Plus Supreme Blackwhich offer a great makeover of the Nike TN classic, at least in terms of their color. For example, while the Air Max TN Black has a totally black look, the sneakers revisited by Supreme wears, it, bright colors that go from pink to red through the yellow, its side present in a lesser extent. The colored features of this Air Max TN Supreme are highlighted by what seems to be a neon light, represented by a slight gradient of red, emanating from the patterns of the TN. The final touch is embodied by the yellow Nike branding that stands out from the quarter panel of the TN Supreme. The release of the air Max models Supreme models were eagerly awaited on the site, but also in front of the Supreme store in Paris and in London.

Nike Dunk Supreme

We finish this small selection with the Nike SB Dunk High Supreme By Any Means Navy. This version of the Dunk Supreme takes a leap in the past by referring to the range Supreme By Any Means line from 2008. The Supreme sneaker in collaboration with Nike the navy and red leather upper is adorned with some fancy embroidered details. Note that at the time of the release of this Dunk High Supreme two other iterations appeared in different colorways: the Nike SB Dunk High Supreme By Any Means Brazil and the Nike SB Dunk High Supreme By Any Means Black.

What is the price of shoes Supreme Nike in 2023?

Supreme as a trendy and high-end brand, it will offer sneakers Nike Supreme sneakers at prices that may seem high, but are justified by the quality of the sneakers and the rarity. Indeed, all the models originally released in store Supreme and distributors were out of stock a few seconds after their release. Thus, you can only find for sale the sneakers Supreme Nike on sneaker resale websites like Limited Resell or specialized resellers. Depending on the size and the model you want, the prices of sneakers Supreme x Nike sneakers will average between 250€ and 350€, but some of the more limited models of the collection can go up to 2500 euros.