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Air Force 1 Supreme


The Air Force 1 sneaker Supreme

Supreme whose founder is James Jebbia made its appearance in 1994 in New York on Lafayette Street. At that time, the brand was very oriented. Indeed, Supreme proposed first of all a clothing line intended for skateboard. Moreover, the salesmen present in the store were mainly skateboarding enthusiasts. Moreover, even if the label of Mr. Jebbia wanted to be rather discreet at the beginning, the brand Supreme quickly met with success, and was thus noticed by the giant of the the sneakers the very famous Nike strongly known for its air Force 1 shoe model.

Especially since in 2002, the brand with the swoosh conceptualized its first series of sneakers for skateboarding: the range Nike Skateboarding (or Nike SB). It was therefore obvious for Nike to ask for the help of Supreme, the new favorite brand of skaters. The latter was convinced and willingly agreed to contribute to the project, especially since it was an opportunity to propel Supreme to the forefront. It is in this context that the SB range appeared in 2002, with the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme White and the Black Cement. The success was very quickly up to expectations: the sneakers Nike Supreme sneakers became a sensation in the United States and, later, around the world. Following this first victory, the two streetwear icons decided to continue working together. Since then, dozens of sneakers from the collab' have been released, including the famous Air Force 1 Supreme which we will review in this category.

Appearance of the first AF1 sneaker Supreme by Nike

It was in 2018 that the first Supreme Air Force 1 sneakers were released. It was a rising version of the Air Force 1.

Earlier in 2020, Supreme had already made our mouths water by revealing some official images of its collaboration with Nike in a low-top version of the AF1 silhouette. It is at the beginning of March 2020 that the suspense ends, when Supreme and Nike release their first pair of Air Force One Low Supreme. The new sneaker sneaker, which joins the famous range of Air Force 1range, offers a very refined style. Indeed, the first AF1 Supreme takes the codes of the traditional Air Force One : a leather base and a large side swoosh. The difference is mainly in the branding: a box logo Supreme is placed on the heel, and laces with the logo Supreme, adorn the upper of the sneaker. At its release, the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme was available in two colors, we find the white version in top sales, the Air Force 1 Supreme White then the black version: the AF1 Supreme Black.

The Air Force 1 Supreme White

To open the ball, let's start by painting the portrait of the unavoidable Air Force 1 Supreme Whitealready mentioned in the paragraph above. Based on the lines of the traditional Nike Air Force, the Supreme Nike Air Force 1 shows the branding Supreme on its heel and on the laces. Both details Supreme are tinted in a bright red that breaks the immaculate and very neutral look of the Air Force 1 Supreme. In this regard, we particularly appreciate the conservative aspect of the Nike AF1 Supreme indeed, they have not been absolutely denatured by the the New York brand Supreme.

The model Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Supreme

The Air Force 1 Supreme blacklike the white version, offers a very classic style. Indeed, the sneaker Supreme has a black leather base, a black side swoosh and a black sole. Some touches of color are still visible: we find the box logo Supreme red, always at the heel, and laces branded black and white. In short, thanks to its muffled black, neutral and elegant, the pair of sneakers can easily be worn with everything!

The collaboration between the brand Supreme, the NBA and Nike (Air Force 1)

The Air Force One NBA white turns out to be quite original: with its rising structure, its scratch on the collar, and its NBA flocking, this new Air Force promises to please NBA fans. In terms of materials of the sneaker, we remain on a traditional white leather. The branding Nike as usual, is on the quarter panel of the shoe. The logo Supreme is located on the toebox of the Air Force 1 NBA, and on the scratch of the shoe in a university type font. Also, and this is where the particularity of the sneaker we note on it the presence of the emblems of different NBA teams: among them, the logo of the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Chicago Bulls. The Air Force 1 NBA Supreme Black also exists for black fans!