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Nike is one of the largest shoe manufacturing brands in the world. Thus, in order to reinvent her Air Force 1 basketball style , she created the Air Force 1 Pixel collection . What do you need to know about this new collection? What are the key models and characteristics of the latter?

The Nike Air Force 1 shoe

The Air Force 1 is the most popular model. It is one of the best-selling products from the famous Nike brand. It was created and introduced in 1982 by designer Bruce Kilgore . Apart from him, other creators brought their particular touch to it. The best known are Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott . This model was the first pair of basketball trainers equipped with Air technology. Its revolutionary design was inspired by the “ Nike Approach” shoe, characterized above all by its flexibility and exceptional support .

The AF1 from the brand with the swoosh: Nike , was born on the basketball courts before growing up on the playgrounds of Philadelphia . Two years later, in 1984, production of the Nike Air Force 1 was stopped after remarkable success. However, this brand was relaunched in three ranges following demand from retailers. These are the low, intermediate and rising range.

The revolutionary advent of the Air Force 1 Pixel Collection

The Air Force 1 has undergone several modifications, giving several versions, including Shadow and the Crater version. Thus, with the aim of reinventing this model, the Nike brand is offering a new iteration called “ Pixel ” on November 5, 2020. Thanks to the Nike AF1 Pixel collection, the brand regains its letters of nobility and propels itself further into the 21st century.

Key models of the Air Force 1 Pixel collection are part of the fall 2020 collection. These include the Air Force 1 Low Pixel Gray Gold Chain and Nike AF1 Snake models. “ Created by and for women ”, the Nike Air Force 1 Pixel exists in several colors. We can cite among others the color white, white and iridescent, black, beige and gray.

The technical features of the Nike AF1 Pixel

The Air Force 1 Pixel collection technically differs from the Nike Air Force 1 on several levels. Indeed, the Air Force 1 Pixel Trainers are made up of a notched outer sole. This sole is revisited and features large and small , well-pixelated patterns . The sole is made of rubber and the interior is entirely made of textile.

With a debossed Swoosh pattern, Air Force 1 Pixel features a 7-lap lacing system. And the lace passages are sewn only on the lower and upper parts of the upper.

Likewise, the Air Force 1 Pixel collection has been modified in terms of style to provide more aesthetics and comfort. Unlike the Air Force 1 Shadow collection, it is made with a slightly higher cut with a tongue going higher on the flat of the foot . Also, the tongue features a Nike brand logo and an Air Force 1 logo with a 3D style .

As for the insole of this sneaker , it gives the impression of being constructed of several different pieces. Thus, it gives you the image of several pixels which intermingle. Above all, it is the novelty and particularity of the trainers in this collection. Air Force 1 Pixel is designed with leather and a perforated rounded toe .

These different characteristics of the Air Force 1 Pixel collection allow its trainers to be durable and lightweight. And all this with a classic look .

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