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Best Sellers Sneakers


The trendy sneakers

Today's trends, sneakers are no longer to be presented. They have become a real social phenomenon. Moreover, the world market of sneakers is estimated at more than 50 billion dollars. We are interested in the best sellers in the world of sneakers and the sneakers of the moment. Discover them in the next paragraphs.

The brands of sneakers

On the market of sports equipment, Nike is clearly the number 1. Recognizable thanks to its logo (the swoosh), Nike has managed to make a name for itself by producing both shoes for sports as well as for streetwear fans. The brand has been able to offer models that are as effective as comfortable. But where Nike knew how to seduce, it is by its collaborations with stars of the NBA as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

Adidas is the most serious competitor of Nike. It owes its fame to its perpetual search for improvement. Over the decades, the brand has been able to innovate in terms of technology and quality. Like Nike, Adidas does not hesitate to collaborate with stars of the sports world. In addition to that, the equipment manufacturer has known how to adapt. Today, in every discipline, you can find sneakers and sports equipment made by Adidas.

The essential models

In the history of sneakers, several models have become essential. Such is the case of the Air Jordanor the Yeezy or the Nike Air Force 1.

The worldwide success of the Air Jordan marked a turning point in the history of the American brand. The model AJ1 High was born from the collaboration between Nike and basketball legend Michael Jordan. The very first pair sold for less than $70. Today, a pair of Air Jordan can sell for hundreds of dollars or more. The success of this sneaker is so successful that it has been estimated that it has already earned at least 2.5 billion dollars at Nike.

In the early 80s, Nike entrusted Bruce Kilgore with the task of creating a new sneaker model to boost sales. This is how the AF1 was born. It was named after the American presidential plane. It should be noted that the Air Force 1 will quickly become popular thanks to stars of basketball stars and celebrities from the world of hip-hop (such as Nelly or Jay-Z).

The new sure thing

Why stop in such a good way when you can do even better? Nike and its competitors understood it well. It is in this perspective that the best sneaker brands keep on renewing themselves by creating new collections of sneakers. Some of these new collections are very promising and show that the sneaker has still beautiful days before them. This is the case of the collections Nike Dunk and Air Jordan 4.

The Nike Dunk was created in 1985. Unlike the Air Jordan, success did not come immediately. It took several years of strategy to establish the Nike Dunk as a sneaker you can count on. Two audiences were seduced by this collection: basketball fans and practitioners on the one hand, and skateboarderson the other. To reach them more effectively, Nike will dedicate several product lines. For example: the Nike Dunk SB are dedicated to board sports.

Today, the model is back on the scene, with the collection Nike Dunk High and the Nike Dunk Low. A new lease of life that is also explained by the fact that currently, the retro style is more and more in fashion.