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For basketball and trainers lovers, sneakers remain essential and indispensable equipment. But all their originality lies in their quality, their trademark and their sporty and casual aesthetic. And to stand out from the crowd, the Air Jordan 4 Retro is one of the models you should get urgently. In this article, we give you all the useful information to choose the Jordan 4 sneaker that suits you best.

The history of the Air Jordan 4 retro shoe

For trainers collectors and sports shoe enthusiasts , the Air Jordan 4 remains today one of the most popular models in the world of sneakers, and this is also the case for the magnificent pair of Air Jordan 1 . But let's get back to our AJ4 essentials: thanks to its notoriety in the world of basketball and fashion, the pair of sneakers has become a reference. But do you really know why?

First of all, you should know that the pair was created just after the success of the Air Jordan 3 in 1989, by the famous designer Tinker Hatfield . This fourth pair of Jordan was born from the collaboration between Nike and Jordan . And behind the creation of the famous Air Jordan 4 lies a very specific reason: the pair of shoes was designed taking into account Michael Jordan 's needs on the field. The basketball player , far from being satisfied with his countless successes on the floor, wanted to go even further and was looking for a shoe capable of boosting his performance. It was then that, in addition to its aerodynamic design, the Nike Air Jordan 4 promised the number 23 of the Bulls new features, such as flexibility, ventilation, freedom of movement and comfort.

According to legend, the development of this new pair would have allowed Michael Jordan to finish as the NBA's top scorer for the third consecutive year. The history of the Air Jordan 4 will also be marked by the legendary “The Shot”, the shot on Craig Ehlo during the 1989 Playoffs.

After its notable success with American athletes, the Air Jordan 4 quickly established itself within the trainers community , on the street and in culture, as the queen of sneakers . This observation was also reinforced thanks to director Spike Lee, who highlighted the pair in some of his films. Moreover, it is also he who will be responsible for advertising this model, which will make it one of the most trendy pairs .

The Air Jordan 4 collection also owes its success to the implementation of new collaborations, including that with the artist Kaws . The latter is a New York street artist, who enhanced the model with his own style. This involves the presence of gray suede inserts at the heel: this is Kaws’ “XX” signature. In addition, Levi's, the American denim brand and its Black and White pack also remains a big player in the success of the AJ4 . Finally, it would be a question of quoting, of course, Travis Scott , one of the most influential rappers of the moment. Indeed, the latter was able to give a touch of modernity and audacity to the pair with its “Astroworld” version . This recent variation is characterized in particular by an electric blue colorway , a translucent sole and a cactus Jack logo on the heel. Please note that all Travis Scott sneakers can be found on our site!

Technical presentation of the AJ4 model

For the design of the Air Jordan 4 , Tinker Hatfield resorted to the use of robust materials such as nubuck leather, combined with mesh (which was a first at the time). And in order to reinforce the safety and stability of the foot, plastic parts have been added to the ankle and heel. On the branding side, we find the Jumpman logo with the “Flight” inscription : nothing new, since it was already present on the Air Jordan 3, but we still love this signature detail! Also, a key feature of the shoe: the pair of Air Jordan 4 is adorned with a semi-high upper and a visible Air unit in the heel. You will also not fail to notice a mesh insert at the tongue and side panels. Finally, on this model, note that one of the biggest innovations remains the new unique lacing system with which the pair of Nike Jordan has been equipped.

Now: a little focus on the design of Jordan sneakers: first of all, you should know that the Jordan 4 Retro was designed based on the presence of four main colors, namely: White/Black Cement, Fire Red and Military Blue. You will also be able to find the two Cement colors on new models reissued years after the release of the first iterations: these are the Air Jordan 4 Columbia and the Jordan 4 Oreo .

In short, in addition to the aerodynamic design of the Jordan 4 , the shoe also has a comfortable sole , which allows perfect stabilization of the foot . This sole, in addition to having a functional advantage, is characterized by a stylish streetwear look. It also guarantees good durability thanks to the suede and fabric it contains. Finally, note that the outsole of the Jordan 4 offers optimal cushioning using the Air-Sole units present in the heel and forefoot. From a technical point of view, you will also notice that plastic eyelets have been integrated into the collar and rubber outsoles for added grip.

Jordan 4: iconic trainers models

In the same way that it was inspired by the Air Jordan 3, the AJ4 Retro made it possible to implement several variations. From the original models , new pairs have emerged and the Nike brand never fails to bring ever more originality to each of its silhouettes. Among the new creations, we will cite for example the Air Jordan 4 Retro WNTR , a winter version of the Jordan IV . It has the same features as the original model, but is distinguished by areas lined with fleece fabric and a typical grid on the side panel. Recently, we saw the birth of the famous collaboration between Off-White and Jordan , which gave life to the famous Air Jordan 4 Retro Off-White Sail , composed of a touch of white and a cream color. You will also appreciate the Air Jordan Max 200, also inspired by the original pair. It stands out thanks to an additional dose of Air. This gives it an authentic style, complemented by unrivaled comfort. The Air Jordan Jumpman 2020 is also one of the brand's most popular latest models. Thanks to excellent support and precise responsiveness (which basketball players will appreciate even more), it guarantees quality cushioning under the foot. To finish in style, you should like the Air Jordan Westbrook One Take. This pair of shoes perfectly combines grip and responsiveness in the forefoot, for good stability on hardwood floors. Its particularity lies in the contrast it offers between colors and materials, which creates a chaotic and original style at the same time.

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