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Air Jordan 5


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The Air Sneakers Jordan 5

First designed by Tinker Hatfield in 1990, the Air Jordan 5 has been making a comeback for a few years now. Designed with the effigy of Michael Jordanthese sneakers have an almost "ferocious" style, and for good reason; through the aesthetics of the pair, Hatfield wanted to honor Michael's vivacity by being inspired by a fighter plane used during the Second World War: the P-51 Mustang. And as on the latter, we find on the front of the sneaker the front of the sneaker is patterned with the teeth of a shark, a detail that has been used to illustrate the formidable power of the player on the b-ball field. Thanks to its sporty and functional structure, the silhouette was favored by Michael Jordan, who won notable victories with the pair. And while the AJ5 was available in only 3 colors, Nike has diversified over time and now offers new models with original colors.

What is the Nike Jordan 5 made of?

With a slightly more "aggressive" look than the Jordan 4the fifth Jordan also has a more complete functional side: the integration of TPU parts gives the shoe the shoe a better ventilation while making it lighter. In addition, we note a small additional novelty on these sneakers since they are equipped with a lock of lacing intended to provide better support. We will also notice the presence of an asymmetrically raised upper as well as a foam addition on the collar to better protection of the ankle. Finally, depending on the model, the Jordan5 will have a different fabric and color scheme, but will still have the same structure that we love so much and that is common to every pair in the category

Air Jordan: the big favorites of the fifth edition

Among the multiple pairs that comprise the fifth category of Nike Air Jordancategory, some stand out more than others. In fact, we reveal you now their pretty names so that the sneaker addicts that you are at the forefront of fashion. It is then with the Off-White Air Jordan 5 Retro Black that we open the ball: following its collaboration with Mr. Abloh Nike makes a strong statement with its Jordan Off White with a strong style. With a dark base, this Jordan five is topped by a TPU tongue colored in a silver gray. We note at this same level the signature Off-White thanks to the black label on which appears among others the name of the brand. In a completely different register, we find the Air Jordan 5 Retro Easter edition 2022: its powder pink upper in suede contrasts perfectly with the light lavender blue TPU cage and laces of the sneaker. Some phosphorescent details break nicely the sobriety of this Jordan 5 Retro. In the same style, we will appreciate the Air Jordan 5 Retro Bluebird wearing a solid ice blue, enhanced by some touches of white and blue-green at the sole. The Metallic Grey tongue makes this Jordan Retro 5. Finally, how can we not name the must-have Air Jordan 5 Retro Dark Concord? This pair of Air Jordan will make white fans happy: with its immaculate TPU upper and cage, this Air Jordan 5 Retro adopts a clean style, spiked with a few touches of purple. This color is found on the "shark teeth", on the Jumpman, and on the lining.

How to size the Air Jordan 5?

At Limited Resell, we want to provide you with the most suitable offer for your needs, especially when it comes to your shoe size, which, as we know, can vary depending on the model. Therefore, you should know that if the Jordan 1 size normally, the Jordan 5 can turn out to be slightly large size because of its width. This is something to consider, especially if you have a thin foot. In fact, the Limited Resell team recommends that you choose a half size below your usual shoe size.