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The must-haves at UGG: Platform and Tazz

For the winter season, the Australian brand has reserved us some great pairs. Among them, we count the UGG Tasman Slipper Chestnutbetter known as the UGG Tasman. The latter takes the form of ugg slipper the upper is made of camel suede. The collar is decorated with a colored polyester braid. The pair is also crossed by a seam matching the fabric of UGGS. On the branding side, we find the logo of the brand on the quarter panel. Finally, the interior of the shoe is filled with recycled wool and a lining in UGG PLUSH. The UGG Tazz Slipper has the same codes as the pair described above, with a few differences: the UGG Tazz is more like a UGG mules, given the platform on which the shoe rests. The UGG Disquette Slipper is also one of our favorites this winter: the fur and suede of the pair make them uGG slippers slippers ideal for keeping your feet warm, while remaining trendy. The UGG Classicthe UGG Classic, meanwhile, take the form of ankle boots. This Low UGG always wrapped in brown suede, will be perfect to approach a style both trendy and cozy. The UGG mini also exists in a version UGG platform brown.

How to size the UGG Platform, Ultra Mini, Floppy and Tasman?

The models of shoes ugg platform, ugg ultra mini, ugg floppy and ugg tasman are normal sizes you can take your usual size. Indeed, the sneakers are well adjusted to the shape of the foot and the standard sizes.

How do I know if my UGG sneakers are real?

At Limited Resell, we place great importance on the authenticity of the shoes. We guarantee authentic and new models, so you can order your UGG boots boots with peace of mind. We also add a certificate of authenticity that we systematically deliver with your shoes. In addition, you can recognize real UGG shoes by the labels placed inside the shoes, the smell, the traces of glue, the box, the serial number and the seams.

How do I care for my UGG shoes?

If we like to wear our UGG in cold weather, it is better to avoid putting them on when it rains. Indeed, the UGGS do not like humidity. However, you can protect them with the waterproofing spray Crep Protect. And to clean your UGGs, we recommend the crep Protectcleaning kit, suitable for all types of materials and fabrics.

What is the origin of the UGG brand?

UGG was born in 1978 on the beaches of California. Indeed, that year, the Australian surfer Shane Stedman developed a pair of sheepskin shoes to warm the feet of surfers coming out of the water. At first, the marketing of the UGG remained very limited; most of the pairs were sold only in the small stores installed on the Californian coast. As time went on, the australian UGG shoe brand took a different direction: 2 decades after its launch, the brand decided to create a luxury range. And in 2006, the UGG brand brand opened its first store in Soho, one of New York's busiest neighborhoods. From then on, UGG's popularity exploded: the number of visits to the store was substantial, which brought real visibility to the brand. Since this first success, the brand has decided to expand its presence internationally: there are now UGG stores stores in London, China, Japan, Paris... We were far from imagining a few decades later the success and influence of the brand with the UGG Platform models and the UGG Slippers.