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What are the most trendy Puma sneakers?

The popularity of Puma shoes has always been variable. Indeed, while certain models such as the Puma Suede have enjoyed notable success, others have had difficulty facing certain competitors such as the Dunk Low sneaker or Converse shoes . But today, the brand seems to be regaining popularity, particularly since the arrival of the Puma Mayze range.

The darling of the collection? The Puma Mayze Leather White Marshmallow . With its white leather base, its few perforations and its beige stripe, this women's Puma sneaker embodies a certain softness. The whole is, however, enhanced by a thick toothed sole, decorated with a touch of pale pink and Puma branding . The Puma Mayze Infuse , more masculine, is a men's Puma whose structure is identical to the pair described previously. However, the color and material differ: the upper of this model is made of light brown suede, to which is added a strip of black leather.

In a completely different register, we find the Puma LaMelo Ball : equipped with a technical mesh upper, the Puma shoes in this range offer a style that could not be more atypical, as we can see on the Puma LaMelo Ball MB.01 Not From Here Red Blast or even on the Puma LaMelo Ball MB.01 Iridescent Dreams . However, if you prefer to stick with something classic, the Puma Cali are made for you. For example, the Puma Cali Sport Clean have a look that is modern, classy and sober, thanks to their white leather upper and thick sole.

Finally, the Puma Cruise Rider constitutes a perfect compromise between originality and modernity. Indeed, with their varied curves, their overlays of colors and their atypical sole, the Puma Cruise Rider for women and men will give a touch of freshness to your outfit. For example, take a look at thePuma Cruise Rider Viridian Green : you should be won over.

Is Puma a French brand?

No ! Puma is not a French brand. In reality, Puma is a brand that was founded in Germany in 1948, and which sells sports shoes and clothing. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to offering high quality, innovative and functional products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Puma sneakers are known for their clean aesthetic and innovative design that stands out from other trainers brands .

With a wide choice of styles, colors and materials, Puma offers a range of shoes suitable for all types of sporting activities and all tastes. In addition to their premium quality, Puma sneakers are also known for their exceptional comfort and durability. The flexible and durable rubber sole of the Puma sneaker provides maximum grip, while the breathable materials of the Puma shoe allow feet to stay dry during intense sporting activities.

What is the relationship between Adidas and Puma ?

The conflict between Adidas and Puma has its roots in a history of rivalry between the brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, who together founded the Puma shoe brand Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in 1924 in Germany. The two brothers originally worked together and their business enjoyed some success in the years following the Second World War.

However, in 1948 a dispute broke out between them, leading to the company being split into two separate companies: Adidas , founded by Adolf (nicknamed "Adi"), and Puma , founded by Rudolf. The rivalry between the two brands quickly gained momentum, with both brothers striving to outdo the other. The conflict between Adidas and Puma then continued for many years. Despite this, you will testify, the two companies have both become important brands in the Puma trainer industry, but the rivalry between them remains anchored in History and is still sometimes mentioned.

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