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The Yeezy started in collaboration with the Nike brand in 2008, offering high models that remind us of the shape of Air Jordan sneakers. Following conflicts with the comma brand, Kanye West decided to partner with the Adidas brand to develop the Yeezy empire.

An excellent decision that paid off, in 2015 the launch of the Yeezy V1 collection was a great success. Indeed, the entire stock of shoes was sold in the morning. The rapper is changing the world of sneakers by exploding the sales figures of Yeezys also spelled Yeezi by young people. The three-band brand propels the Yeezy 350 collection to the top with a well-established sales strategy, as stock quantities on sneakers are very limited compared to the booming demand. This creates a Hype around the Kanye West sneakers, all the people tear them off at every exit. We find phenomena comparable to the big releases of sneakers with hallucinating queues in front of the sneakers shop, sneaker shops for the new models of Yeezy 350 V2.

The releases follow one another and people ask for more, the Yeezy collaboration of Adidas and Kanye West enters a new era with the launch of the famous Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Undoubtedly the most popular sneaker model of the moment, this lightweight model with a design that goes beyond the sneaker's codes. The Boost sole of the V2 models is a hot topic, thanks in particular to the incredible comfort that the shoe offers its buyers' feet. We find flagship models of the Yeezy V2 collection such as the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White and the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra which quickly establish themselves as essential pairs of sneakers in the streetwear and sneaker world. 

Other collections have also appeared in recent years, including the Yeezy 700, which in turn has been a great success, a thicker shoe model, also known as Dad Shoes. The Yeezy Boost 700 was released in different colors including the first, the 700 Wave Runner and the most popular, the 700 Static.

Not to mention the arrival of the Yeezy 500 models in 2018, popular pairs that have been released in different versions: Blush and Black. With lacing similar to the old collection, this shoe has a particularly thick sole, which raises the shoe and makes it very charming.

With all its releases, Yeezy Boost sales reached gold prices and amounted to more than 1.3 billion euros for this year 2019. Kanye has created a real sneaker empire that doesn't seem to be about to stop, although we can see that real competition has arisen with the expansion of Virgil Abloh's Nike Off-White.