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Nike the brand that dominates the world of sneakers

The brand with the swoosh is now one of the biggest sneaker sellers in the world, if not the first! Behind this success story are Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, two athletes who decided to launch a brand that would honor their sport. Thus, Nike was born in 1968. But where does this funny name come from, which today is known to all? The sneaker brand Nike is in fact derived from the name given to the goddess Nike, which means "Victory". In Greek mythology, Nike was a winged character with the ability to move very quickly. It is this idea that the brand with the swoosh wanted to evoke through its name. Its promise is as follows: thanks to the equipment Nike, benefit from high-performance products that allow you to achieve victory. As such, the Oregon firm has designed several thousand models of sneakers that we all know today. Among the brand's greatest successes are the Dunk Low sneakers, the famous Nike Air Force 1 and the unmissable Nike Air Max. Each of these pairs has a very different style: while the Nike Dunk Low and Air Force 1 have a vintage yet timeless aesthetic, the Air Max has a rebellious feel. Finally, the Nike Sacai sneakers, which arrived more recently on the market, offer a futuristic and sophisticated style. These latest sneakers are now among the best sellers of Nike!

Nike and Jordan: a fruitful collaboration

In the 80's, when the brand with the swoosh proposes to Michael Jordan a collaboration, it does not suspect yet the success that awaits it. However, the magic operates: very quickly, with the release of the sneaker Jordan 1, the public is conquered. Whether personalities, stars, sportsmen, people like you and me, everyone is seduced by the unique design of the first Air Jordan. Since then, the Jordan brand has released numerous models, including the Air Jordan 4, the Air Jordan 1 High, the Jordan 1 Mid and the Nike Jordan 1 Low. As the name suggests, the Jordan 1 High has a high rise structure, while the Air Jordan 1 Mid has a medium collar. And, as you may have guessed, the Jordan 1 Low is equipped with a low cut. On the other hand, these 3 collections of sneakers have several elements in common, namely, the side swoosh, the wings and the branding Nike. The Air Jordan 4 sneaker, another best-seller of the brand, offers a completely different style: Jumpman logo, TPU cage, reinforced eyelets, robust look ... these are the characteristics of Jordan 4

The iconic models signed Adidas

Adidas the main rival of Nike is a streetwear brand that has been in the news for a long time now. Born in Germany in 1949, the equipment manufacturer continues to please thanks to its great capacity for innovation. But until now, 4 collections have been particularly appreciated: we think here of the Stan Smith sneakers, the Adidas Forum Low, the Adidas Samba shoes and the Adidas Gazelle models. The Stan Smith, the most sober silhouette of the 4 collections, offers a classy style that still works today. The Adidas Gazelle, on the other hand, is quite sophisticated, but is gaining in popularity, as is the Adidas Samba. Finally, the Adidas Forum Low or the Adidas Campus sneakers have a more vintage style.

The most trendy sneakers New Balance

Founded in 1906 by orthopedist William J. Riley in Boston, New Balance is today one of the most appreciated sneaker brands in the world. And when it comes to comfort, you couldn't ask for anything better, especially since the original goal of the brand was to offer a sole with 3 supports, allowing a perfect balance. Over the years, the sneaker brand New Balance has released many models, the most famous of which are the following: New Balance 550, New Balance 530 sneakers, New Balance 327... The New Balance 550, unlike the New Balance 530 which have a very sporty style, offer a classy and sober aspect. The New Balance 327 have a more original style. And more recently, the brand has developed silhouettes that have particularly made the news: we are thinking here of the famous 2002R New Balance or the very trendy New Balance 9060

The hype Yeezy, the sneakers designed by Kanye West

If the American rapper has not been very popular for some time, this is not the case for his sneakers Yeezy. Indeed, although West has been the subject of strong criticism, recently, this has not really been felt on the sales rates of his products. So let's look back at the rapper's successful models, which still appeal to the younger generation. The Yeezy 350 for example: first released in 2015, this pair of sneakers dressed in a primeknit fabric and equipped with a thick sole has long been a sensation in the sneaker world. The second version of the shoes Yeezy 350 has actually continued in this momentum. In the Yeezy sneaker family, the Yeezy 380 and the Yeezy 700 collection have also made us excited. Both have a very futuristic style that convinced many of us. Finally, the Yeezy flip-flops, i.e. the Yeezy Foam and the Yeezy Slide, have also made our hearts beat faster this summer: the Yeezy Slide flip-flops are the most comfortable. But if your goal is to stand out from the crowd, we highly recommend you to wear the superb Yeezy Foam

The madness of UGG with the Ultra Mini and Tasman platforms

This winter, you've probably heard of the famous UGG boots: all season long, fashionistas, stars and influencers from all over the world have proudly worn their uggs. However, Shane Stedman, founder of the Australian brand, had a very modest goal at the time: to warm the feet of surfers from the South American coast. Indeed, thanks to their lined interior and their quality lining, Ugg shoes had (and still have) the advantage of keeping our feet warm. Today, the brand UGG is known all over the world, and seduces every day a little more. This year, the UGG Slipper and the Ugg Ultra Mini range were clearly the most popular models. And if the UGG Tasman and Tazz booties offer a very sober style, the Ugg Disquette and the UGG Funkette flip-flops have a more flirty look thanks to their big fur. The Ugg Ultra Mini boots come in two versions: the classic Ugg Ultra Mini and the Ugg Mini Platform. The first one reminds the shape of cosmonaut boots. The second ones have the same style, but their sole is much thicker. Finally, although we can not yet call this model of Ugg "best-seller", know that the Ugg Goldenstar Clogs are still beginning to be noticed

Converse Asics, ... : these sneaker brands that defy the competition Puma

When we talk about sneaker stars, we tend to think of brands such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance. However, there are many competitors: Asics, a brand of sneakers with a running style, Converse, the oldest brand in the shoe world or Veja, the eco-friendly sneaker brand. All of them have also made a place for themselves on the market. Lately, sneakers Salomon, shoes Autry have also gained ground. In short, you will have understood, the offer is still widening on the market, and this, for the greatest happiness of our sneakersaddicts!