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Sneakers Nike Skateboarding (SB)

The brand Nike the SB brand, the world's leading sportswear manufacturer, has been an iconic brand for many years. Very famous for its sneakersits sneakers and its shoe collection Nike SBthe American giant has become a must in all sports disciplines. The desire of Nike to conquer everything in front of its competitors and in all the sporting fields is translated by its vision of the things. The fans of pairs, skaters as well as professionals and sports enthusiasts do not cease consuming the products Nike Skateboarding for their creative quality. In this article, we reveal all you need to know about the world of Nike Skateboarding

A pair of Nike SB for a skateboard

The Skateboardskateboarding, this sport of sliding appeared in the 50s in the United States became popular in the 70s. Thanks to the American brand, this sport born in the streets has taken a global scale. Since the 2000s, skateboarders have adopted the range of products Nike Sb and continue to grow in number. The shoes Nike Sb shoes appear timidly from 1997 in Americain Beaverton.

The presence on the market of companies like Vans, DC or Globe, did not allow the the "comma brand" to deploy all its artillery of shoes of the collection Nike sb. To challenge the competition, it will create in March 2002 a subdivision called Nike Skateboarding which won the Webby People's Voice Award 2020 of the best homepage in the web category. This subdivision is only dedicated to the range of shoes (sneakers and sneaker)clothing and accessories for skateboarding. The late Sandy Bodecker was the executive of Nike Sb who brought a dynamic to this special collection of the brand he worked for. Few skaters were initially interested in the collection despite the Swooshes found on Bradon Cole Margera's shoes.

Under Sandy's direction, the company Nike will rethink the model of sneaker skateboarding Nike. The Nike SB DUNK appeared on the market in 2002 with a dazzling success that seduced all skateboarders. The marketing strategy around the shoes of the SB collection collection is generating more interest in the streetwear culture. Sales are increasing despite the limited editions of the sneakers and sneakers Nike SB which are only sold in independent stores.

To maintain this success, the collection has recorded several collaborations with professional skaters. Among them, Paul Rodriguez, Lewis Marnell, Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Stefan Janoski, Theotis Beasley and many others have celebrated the shoes with the famous comma. Recent collaborations with Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh are bringing the line back to the forefront for fans to enjoy.

Zoom on the collection Nike SB

In spite of its failed beginnings because of a bad communication, the Nike SB collection has revolutionized the sneaker culture with its skate pairs. They keep a certain originality and streetwear touch in their design and appearance. The first model, Nike Sb Dunk Low, appeared on the market with Zoom Air insoles, a padded tongue and collar. The Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro has the same design with a nice sole and laces that ensure comfort on the skateboard.

The colorways in this line vary and form a great marriage with the various components of the shoe. This is the perfect example of the sneaker Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Blue Fury which stands out a mythical light blue on the shape, strings and collar. The swoosh stands out with a dark blue while the sole of the sneaker the sole of the sneaker is a mix of light and dark blue. The silver leather heel tab highlights this shoe from the brand. The Nike SB Dunk High four-twenty Reverse Shunk offers a very attractive color palette. A long-haired suede upper stands out thanks to the dual purple hue highlighted by the green swoosh and sole. The purple laces laces and the number of the pair engraved on the heel give a perfect note to this skateboarding pair.

With the collaboration between Paul Rodriguez and Nike Skateboarding, the Primitive x Nike Dunk Low Premium Sb was born. It features a streetwear design with black laces, a black and grey premium suede upper and a classic black sole of the brand Nike. The red swoosh and the P-Rod (Primitive) heel highlight refine the pair of sneakers Nike Skateboarding which has a Nike Sb label in red on the sole. The Nike Dunk Low Off-White worked by Virgil Abloh as for it highlights the collection Nike Sb with an atypical sole, resistant laces and a drawstring: pure steetwear! The SB Dunk Low Travis Scott comes to the market with checkered patterns, bandana prints and a two-tone sole; a pair that carries a unique style.