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Collection Nike x Sacai

Since 1971, Nike has been delighting lovers of sneakers. The American firm shows originality in the creation of its shoes. Over time, the brand with the swoosh has succeeded in mixing the high class and the street. Many of its collections have remained timeless. This is the case of the collection Nike Sacai. This marriage of American and Japanese cultures has positively influenced streetwear. It's a unique experience Nike x sacai is a collaboration worth highlighting.

Nike Sacai: the alliance of cultures

Nike sacai is a company that is always looking for the best for its users. Nothing is too good for them, not even classy sneakers. Driven by this motivation, the firm created by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman multiplies collaborations. The one with the designer Virgil Abloh allowed to release the collection Nike x Off-White. These luxury sneakers magnify the art of the street. It should be noted that Nike Sacai is not the first collaboration with a Japanese designer. After Ambush and Undercover, the comma brand has set its sights on the talents of a certain Chitose Abe. This Japanese designer is known for her ability to work with materials. It was in 1999 that Chitose Abe founded Sacai. Despite its many successes, the label sacai was not able to break through the high sphere of fashion. That's when the brand entered into a collaboration with Nike. From this alliance are born sneakers with refined silhouettes. These sneakers are inspired by the hip hop movement and the street.

Nike Sacai Waffle: sneakers with a unique design

The Nike x Sacai is undoubtedly one of the sneakers of this summer. This lace-up shoe confirms the know-how of the Japanese designer. The manufacturer relies on the stability that this creation brings to the user. That is why the midsole has been reinforced. It is the same for the tongue and swoosh. This is a first that deserves to be highlighted. As usual, Chitose Abe plays with the juxtaposition of materials. Indeed, the sacai waffle is a sneaker made of canvas, suede and mesh. This combination provides a feeling of comfort to the user. In terms of color, the Sacai Waffle is a real eye-catcher for users. They will be spoilt for choice. In fact, the Nike Sacai is suitable for both men and women. Its blue version expresses a certain masculinity. As for the Nike Sacai waffle green multicolorit seduces with its beautiful touch of femininity. Recently the Japanese brand has unveiled two models of sneakers with sleek design the Sacai Waffle White and the black version.

Nike x Sacai : a rich news

The collection Nike Sacai collection is overflowing with creativity. The collaboration between the two streetwear references is more dynamic than ever. Lovers of the the brand with the swoosh are not at the end of their surprise, after a year 2019 particularly rich in creativity. It has seen the release of lD Waffle basketball models and Blazer. These collections have been a success like no other. Nike x Sacai do not intend to stop there. They have done it again for 2020. Last March, the Sacai Waffle merged with the LDV. Two successful models in one! The experience was unprecedented. Users were able to enjoy the comfort of a high-end shoe. For this model, Nike Sacai have chosen the sobriety. This sneaker is distinguished by its dual components. Laces, tabs and swoosh are doubled for a unique visual effect. The nike x sacai logos are displayed on the heel. For Fall 2020, Chitose Abe intends to further excite the streetwear enthusiasts. The Nike Sacai Pegasus Vaporfly will finally be released at this time. It is a futuristic model that inspires finesse and agility, like the winged goddess Nike. This sneaker is a mix of the NIKE Vaporfly and the NIKE Pegasus. The participants of the last Parisian fashion week could discover this avant-garde shoe.