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Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle



How to size the Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle?

The Sacai Vaporwaffle fit normallyit is advised to take your usual size. Now that you have the answer on how to fit the Nike Sacai Vapor Waffle, we will enter a little more into the history of this famous collaboration.

It seems that sneakers Nike Sacai sneakers don't stop there and continue to release masterclass in terms of sneakers. Indeed, after having put us in the eye with the Vapor Wafflethe most futuristic and original ones than the others. We will have the chance to see new productions coming out of their factory. On March 31, 2022, the two fashion companies released a new capsule that will include two new blazer colors: the Black Patent and White Patent.

The Sacai Vaporwaffle, a pair of ultra-coveted sneakers.

Japan is becoming, for years, a nest of new trends. Very involved in the the world of fashionthe country of the rising sun is seeing an increase in the number of fashion houses. Many brands will be born and will know an international success. Companies like BAPE, Comme Des Garçons or Ambush, will adopt original and modernist styles, which will increase their notoriety. It is thanks to this craze that the brand Undercover has, for example, collaboration contracts with fashion giants such as Supreme or Nike

The brand with the swoosh loves new collaborations and has understood that working with other manufacturers was interesting. It brings its technology and its notoriety and the other company can show the world its know-how

This is the case of Nike Sacai which, since 1999, the date of creation of the Japanese house, has succeeded in establishing itself in the fashion world. Thanks to its founder Chitose Abe who knew how to mix casual and formal clothing. The knitwear is its specialty is the because according to her, it lacked renewal. Little known story about the beginnings of this Japanese brand, the seamstress began her adventure in fashion with only a dozen balls of wool. She managed to make 5 pieces of high fashion. This is how the first the first Sacai collection was born. Over time, she became a master of mixing materials and made it her trademark. This is what will please the sneaker manufacturer Nike. It is thus quite naturally that the two entities will want to collaborate.

It is thanks to this cooperation, that we could see appearing on the market innovative products with original colors. Indeed, they integrate in their first capsule sportswear and two pairs of shoes declined in several colors.

This collaboration shows the strength of the two textile houses, because they perfectly combine sport, quality and futuristic design with this thick sole. The collaboration did not stop with this capsule because afterwards, we could discover the Vapor Waffle.

The Vapor waffle, a technical and original sneaker!

Today, we have a new collaboration with Sacai, Nike with Sacaiwe have four models and more than thirty colors

These two brands have collaborated on the Nike Sacai LD Waffleas well as on the the Nike Sacai Blazer. All its models are dressed in classic and avant-garde colors

The Nike Vaporwaffle for men and Sacai Vaporwaffle for women have become iconic sneakers of the capsule and are available in all sizes. These pairs are recognizable at first glance, thanks to a gum" sole comfort sole, a mesh upper and leather patches. These sneakers also feature a double pair of laces and a double swoosh, iconic signature of this collaboration. The Sacai Vaporwaffle adopt the two logos directly on the two tongues of the pair. The shoe has elements of the old 1983 Pegasus and the Nike VaporFly. The latest arrivals are the Nike Vaporwaffle Sacai Sail Gum. Their particularities lie in their thicker soles with more classic colors compared to older models like the Sacai LD Waffle Green Multi that have become references.