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UGG Slipper


How to wear UGG Slipper woman?

This winter, some of our sneakeraddicts have swapped their pairs of Nike and adidas sneakers against beautiful ugg slippers that can be worn both at home and outside. Shoes like that for a night out on the town? Weird, you may think. And yet: with a ugg slipper you'll see that the result is not so strange. In fact, this (very) casual style has even become hyper-trendy with the introduction of the ugg slipper. But then, how do you wear them? We tell you everything!

Although it may be strange to some, a pair of ugg slippers woman will blend perfectly with a suit type outfit. And yes, the trends do not lie: at the moment, we willingly mix the chic and casual. Result: it works very well. We dare you to try!

How do Ugg slippers fit?

You want to order your pair of Ugg but still hesitating on the size? We reassure you: whether it's the ugg Tasman slippersugg Platform, or the ugg Tazz Slipper the sizes offered are generally equivalent to a normal sizing. The Limited Resell team recommends that you choose your usual size. Please note that a notice regarding the size of the shoes is systematically added to the description of our sneakers.

How to waterproof your Uggs?

Like the Ugg Ultra Mini, the Ugg Tazz etc., a ugg women's slippers can withstand a little rain or snow, but only occasionally. Indeed, despite their pre-treated suede and their absorption capacity, the Women's Uggs and men's Uggs wear better when they are sheltered. That's why we strongly recommend applying a waterproofing agent to your ugg shoesshoes, whatever they are. In fact, a waterproofing spray for sneakers has been made available on our site to keep your sneakers and other shoes sensitive to humidity in a good condition.

Which Ugg to choose ?

If the Ugg Platform and Ugg Ultra Mini boots were all the rage, the Ugg Funkette boots, the Ugg Floppy and Ugg Tasman Slipper have also defended themselves very well. We take you for a focus on these pairs of slippers ultra trendy!

Let's open the ball with the very popular ugg Disquette slippers with a beautiful light brown suede upper with a beautiful light brown suede upper, itself adorned with a soft, elegant and cozy fur, these shoes make you want to wear them, especially in cold weather. Especially since the inside of these Ugg Slipper is reinforced by a lining and by recycled wool. So we inevitably want to slip our feet in! The Ugg Funkette have also triggered a real heartthrob: using the same base as the ugg Disquette slippers the Ugg Funkette is adorned with a graphic strap on which we can read the name of the Australian brand. This element is particularly appreciable because it improves the support of the foot compared to other Ugg Slipper. This is what makes the Ugg Funkette woman one of our favorite pair of Ugg! Of course, we also love the Ugg Tasman Slipper Chesnut: with its traditional suede base and its collar adorned with graphic details, this brown ugg offers an original and quite neutral style at the same time, which allows to assemble the pair with many outfits.