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How to wear women's UGG Slippers?

This winter, some of our sneakeraddicts have swapped their pairs of Nike and Adidas sneakers for superb Ugg slippers, which can be worn both at home and out and about. Shoes like that for a night out on the town? Odd, you may think. And yet: with an ugg slipper, you'll see that the result isn't so strange. In fact, this (very) casual style has even become hyper-trendy with the introduction of the Ugg slipper. But how do you wear them? We tell you!

Although it may seem strange to some, a pair of women's Ugg booties will go perfectly with a suit-like ensemble. And yes, trends don't lie: right now, we're mixing chic with casual. And the result: it's working. We dare you to try it!

How do Ugg slippers fit?

Would you like to order a pair of Uggs, but aren't sure what size to get? We can reassure you: whether you're looking for Ugg Tasman, Ugg Platform or Ugg Tazz Slipper, the sizes offered generally correspond to normal sizing. The Limited Resell team therefore recommends that you choose your usual size. Please note that a notice concerning shoe sizing is systematically added to our sneaker descriptions.

How do I waterproof my UGG?

Like the Ugg Ultra Mini, Ugg Tazz, etc., a woman's Ugg shoe can withstand a little rain or snow, but only occasionally. In fact, despite their pre-treated suede and absorption capacity, women's and men's Ugg slippers wear better when they're under cover. That's why we strongly recommend that you apply a waterproofing spray to your Ugg shoes, whatever they may be. In fact, we've made a sneaker waterproofing spray available on our site to keep your sneakers and other moisture-sensitive footwear in good condition.

Which Ugg to choose?

While the Ugg Platform and Ugg Ultra Mini boots were all the rage, the Ugg Funkette, Ugg Disquette and Ugg Tasman Slipper also held their own. Let's take a look at these ultra-trendy pairs of slippers!

Let's open the ball with the very popular Ugg Disquette slippers: featuring a beautiful light-brown suede upper, itself adorned with a soft, elegant and cosy fur, these shoes make you want to wear them, especially in cold weather. The interior of these Ugg Slippers is reinforced with a lining and recycled wool. So you're bound to want to slip your feet into them! The Ugg Funkette also triggered a real crush: using the same base as the Ugg Disquette slippers, the Ugg Funkette is adorned with a graphic strap on which you can read the name of the Australian brand. This is a particularly welcome feature, as it improves foot support compared to other Ugg Slippers. In fact, it's what makes the Ugg Funkette for women one of our favorite pairs of Uggs! Of course, we also love the Ugg Tasman Slipper Chesnut: with its traditional suede base and collar adorned with graphic details, this brown ugg offers a style that's both original and fairly neutral at the same time, making it possible to assemble the pair with numerous outfits.

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