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Air Jordan 1, sneakers for Women and Men

In 1984, when he was only a student whose name remained unknown, basketball player Michael Jordan nevertheless possessed skills on the court which did not go unnoticed. It was also during this same year that the player was preparing to join the NBA and that he must, in fact, select his equipment supplier. It is in this context that the successful collaboration between Nike and Jordan will be born, not without difficulties! Indeed, the new kid in the NBA who, until then, was used to playing in Converse and Adidas , first chose to turn to the brand with the three stripes. Unfortunately, the German firm showed little interest in him, preferring to collaborate with domestic players. On the Converse side, he was offered a contract. However, the brand did not offer any prospect of development for its sneakers, leaving Michael Jordan somewhat indifferent. But a new proposal was made to him: Nike was going to offer the player $2.5 million over 5 years in addition to the release of a clothing line reflecting his image. And if Jordan remained reluctant at first, he finally let himself be convinced by the Swoosh brand, and today we can deduce that he did well: the Air Jordan has become one of the biggest stars of trainers and will have embarked Michael on his meteoric rise! What's more, we must not forget that Nike has been able to satisfy everyone: whether with its Air Jordan 1 for women or its Jordan 1 for men , the comma brand ensures it; Everyone will find his account.

The Nike Air Jordan One High

The Jordan 1 High is undoubtedly one of the must-haves for all good sneakeraddicts. Made from synthetic leather and featuring a high heel, this Air Jordan 1 offers optimal support and comfort at the ankle. From an aesthetic point of view, we note the presence of the timeless swoosh on the side part of the trainer . On the tongue, we find the famous Nike Air logo as well as the Wings on the outside of the shoe. And if, originally, the Jordan1 High wore a deep red and black, Nike now offers its customers a very varied variation of colors. Finally, notice to vintage addicts! The Swoosh brand has created the Jordan Retro 1 for you which is adorned with nicely aged colors and style: the Air Jordan 1 Retro High White University Blue Black is one of our favorites!

The Air Jordan 1 Mid : the ideal in-between

If the high version of the Nike Air Jordan 1 does not convince you, its little sister has been designed to delight you: the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid has an average heel height while providing quality support. The rubbery sole of the Jordan Air 1 and its Nike Air technology will give you the grip you need for your sports sessions and the comfort suited to your outings of all kinds. And even if this Jordan 1 shares similarities with its predecessor, a few characteristics differentiate them: due to its size, the Jordan 1 Mid has two fewer eyelets compared to the high version, and its tongue is decorated with the Jumpman logo which is her big sister passed by. On the other hand, like its predecessor, this Air Jordan One model has not neglected to wear its usual leather, a detail which gives it a traditional and original appearance.

The Jordan 1 Low , the sneaker in a low version

Whether it's the women's Jordan 1 or the men's Air Jordan 1 , their low version will please everyone. Maintaining the same aesthetic line as its predecessors, the low Jordan nevertheless differs in terms of its construction since the collar of the sneaker stops at the bottom of the ankle. Although this is the only difference compared to the other Jordan Ones , the latter is nonetheless notable: the low version of this pair of Jordan offers remarkable lightness as well as a more refined style, two significant details, all the more so during the hot season! And like one of its predecessors, the Nike Air Jordan 1 low comes in a vintage version to give life to the Jordan 1 Retro low version. Moreover, the atypical pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro designed in collaboration with Travis Scott is one of theirs!

How does the Air Jordan 1 size?

In addition to their quality support, Jordans 1 fit normally. We therefore advise you to choose your usual size. However, if you have a very wide foot, the Limited Resell team recommends going an extra half size.

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