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The Air Jordan 13, a legendary sneaker

If you know the Air Jordan sneaker brand, you already know that this brand has based its entire identity on basketball and in particular, its most emblematic figure, Michael Jordan . And one of his creations, the Air Jordan 13 , has become iconic.

Just like many models from Jordan and Nike , we owe the Jordan 13 to American designer Tinker Hatfield . The first pair of Jordan released in 1997, featuring a black upper and a red midsole, were directly inspired by Michael Jordan himself.

An American basketball legend deserves a legendary Jordan trainers that leaves a lasting impression. Hatfield was therefore inspired by this player's play on the courts during NBA games.

During the 1997-1998 season, Jordan was renowned for his strength and stealth play, capable of tormenting and destabilizing his opponents. His unparalleled talents earned him the nickname “Black Cat”, because he knew how to foil each maneuver of the opposing team like no other, with, what's more, a remarkable skill of which only he had the secret.

The American designer thus directly drew his inspiration from this nickname to create this pair of trainers . His first idea was to bring out the predator's instinct in the shoe while channeling the power of the panther.

From this design was born the famous Nike Air Jordan 13 .

A pair of Jordan full of innovations

As for its appearance, the iconic design of the Air Jordan 13s also takes on the characteristic features of the tan. This particularity is specifically noticed at the level of the unique sole of this trainer , imitating the paws of a panther.

In addition, the AJ13 is renowned for being a sneaker bringing together several technological innovations, impressive for the time when it was released. The Air Jordan XIII features a carbon fiber plate to keep it light as well as a Zoom Air unit under the sole, to allow MJ, at the time, to maintain his feline agility.

Added to this is an original holographic eye at the rear sides, and a unique sole with its wavy design, referring to a panther, as indicated above.

If, in the different Air Jordan collections that exist today, a large number of them have similarities, the Jordan Air Jordan 13 is unlike any other! The Jordan 5 and the Jordan 6 share a lot of details in common, but the 13 has become an iconic pair of trainers , because it is unique in its look.

The Air Jordan 13, a famous trainers in the world of trainers

Air Jordan left its mark on the world of trainers when it released this sneaker, which remains a classic today. In 1997, just like today, in 2023, the AJ 13 remains a model popular with sneakerheads but also basketball players.

Since its initial release, the Jordan XIII has seen around ten versions, each as different as the next in terms of colors and shapes. It was even redesigned in 2015 and 2017 for another ball sport: football or soccer in the United States!

Available in a high and low version, which can appeal to both male trainers fans and female trainers addicts, the Air Jordan 13 Retro and its multiple models released from 2004 are defined today as retro versions of the original.

Also note that what significantly influenced its success was the appearance of the 2013 version of the Air Jordan 13 shoes , nicknamed “Black Toe”, in Spike Lee's film, He Got Game. And not least, it was worn in the film by Jake Shuttlesworth, played by the great Denzel Washington.

Although the OG model of this trainers is now a benchmark, the Jordan Air Jordan 13 Retro editions still managed to find their audience, each met with great success upon their release and helped raise this pair of trainers a must-have shoe in the Air Jordan line .

We can notably cite the Jordan 13 Retro which revisits the first AJ13: the Air Jordan 13 Retro Playoffs ; or the Air Jordan 13 Retro University Blue , an emblematic color of the Jumpman brand, available on our Limited Resell website.

The one that has definitely not said its last word is also planning the release of three new limited edition models during the year 2023.

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