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Nike and the history of the AirMax, synonymous with innovation

Why are the Nike Air Max are considered revolutionary pairs? The brand Nike has the distinction of having had two very ambitious founders. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman have always been guided by the same desire, that of standing out in the equipment market, which was already very established at that time. This issue is important to them as much in terms of aesthetics as in terms of technology, and it is on this side that the two founders will focus. Indeed, in 1972, a runner to make its proof at the Olympic Games of Munich by beating records with, with the feet, of Nike Cortez. This event was a real trigger for the founders who then decided to invest in technology and thus produce models of shoes more and more efficient. It was at this point that the air technology is born. An air unit, called Air Sole, created by the engineer Frank Rudy, is introduced in a pair of Nike Air Tailwind. Following this, the technology will develop and will be integrated in other models of the brand like the Air Force 1 in 1982 which was a real success.

The success of the Air Max One model

The "Air" technology has thus allowed the swoosh brand Nike to renew and differentiate itself from others running shoes. Nevertheless, a problem persists. That of giving confidence to users that this technology, invisible to the naked eye, really exists and that it is not just fine words. Fortunately, Tinker Hatfield, a trained architect and footwear designer, came to help the company by giving birth, in 1987, at the Air Max 1. Having made a trip to Paris, the designer was inspired by the George Pompidou Center for his new model. He especially wanted to make reference to the bubble architecture he observed there. The Nike AM1 became the first pair of sneakers to feature "Air" technology, notably with theAir Max 1 OG Red which has the famous air bubble on the midsole. Moreover, this innovative technology is used on different designs, such as the Air Jordan. This innovation helped to revive the brand with the comma, which was about to go bankrupt, and gave the company the opportunity to enter a new era by standing out completely from the sober designs we had seen until then.

Air Max 1 joins forces with the greatest: Clot, Patta, Parra and Travis Scott

The pair of sneakers AM1 has been the talk of the town. Its upper, which features a mesh base accompanied by leather yoke has conquered the hearts of sneakerhead. Its success is also due to its numerous collaborations. These associations have resulted in new models that have pleased the general public. We could thus observe a multitude of models with great famous artists like Parra, , Clot or recently with the rapper Travis Scott. But also with the shop of Amsterdam Patta who offered us four variations of the pair in a pack named "The Wave" with the Air Max 1 Patta Noise Aqua, patta Monarch, Waves Black and Rush Maroon.

The Air Max 1 Anniversary became iconic with the Air Max Day

As previously mentioned, the Air Max One was born in 1987 and more precisely on March 26th. It has become a real symbol in the sneaker market, this model has made a lasting impression and has enabled Nike to enter the legend by being one of the only pairs of sneakers to have its own birthday. Thus, all March 26, since 2014, we have honored this pair of sneakers by celebrating the Air Max Day. For the occasion, every year, the brand reveals special editions. And for this year 2022, the brand has decided to celebrate its 35 years as it should by offering a pack with three new versions, the Air Max 1 AMD The City of Light, the Air Max 1 Premium Blueprint and the Air Max 1 Premium Wabi-Sabi

How to size the Air Max 1 for men and women ?

You are about to get the pair of Air Max of your dreams and you don't know what size to get? The Limited Resell team gives you the advice to follow to help you make the right choice. Like the other versions of the Air Max collection, we advise you to take your usual size, because these models cut normally. The Air Max 1 woman and the Air Max 1 man are available in all sizes. Don't thank us yet, wait until you have them on your feet and enjoy their unmatched comfort.