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The journey of the Air Max BW shoe

In the early 1990s, Nike prospered greatly. The Air Max 1 was a resounding success, while the Air Max 90 was warmly received by athletes and the younger generation. It is in this context that the swoosh brand entrusted Tinker Hatfield with the mission of designing a new silhouette using the Air Sole unit in the sole, similar to that found on the Nike Air Max 90. The designer was therefore inspired by his previous work and thus designed the Air Max Classic BW , "BW" meaning "Big Window", for its heel area which is similar to a large window. The first model was released in 1990, and was called the Air Max BW Persian Violet . Quickly, the Air Max BW Classic, even if it did not enjoy the same success as the previously released pairs, nevertheless found a favorable response among a wide audience: artists and certain athletes enjoyed wearing it. After having won over some inhabitants of the North American continent, it is in Europe that the Nike Air Max Classic BW has enjoyed great success. She quickly integrated into the hip-hop scene and became a popular pair among partygoers. The Air Max Classic BW did not, however, remain frozen in its original form. Nike reinvents it in an Ultra version, which gives the silhouette a slightly different finish, replacing the traditional material with a light and airy mesh. But in 2016, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this iteration dear to purists, Nike is once again marketing the original colors. On the occasion of Air Max Day, March 26, fans of the Air Max BW OG could once again obtain the emblematic colors of the time such as the Black, University Red, Midnight Navy and Enamel Green colorways, as well as other models in Ultra version.

Trendy models from the Nike Air Max BW collection

Let's start this selection with a flagship model from the Air Max collection : the Air Max BW OG Persian Violet , which is a tribute to Nike 's iconic heritage. Sporting a modern color scheme, this pair features a black mesh upper along with white and purple leather overlays. The Persian Violet colorway appears on elements such as the swoosh, collar and the famous heel cushioning window. The Air Max BW Persian captures the essence of the 90s, offering a perfect combination of vintage and modern. Let's now look at another key piece from the collection: the Air Max BW OG Marina. The latter embodies a refreshing Riviera style. The navy blue mesh upper is reminiscent of a pristine sea, while a Jade color covers the side swoosh, tongue, collar and part of the sole. The “Big Window” integrated into the latter adds a technological touch, making the pair of sneakers a perfect alliance between retro style and modern comfort. Finally, this iteration illustrates the sea breeze and the summer atmosphere to perfection, which is the polar opposite of the Air Max BW OG Sport Red, since it exudes athletic passion. Its leather and mesh provide visual balance while its touches of bright red and black on a white background add spice to the trainer 's key details. In summary, this pair offers a rebellious aesthetic while remaining faithful to the retro DNA that made the Nike Air Max BW silhouette famous. Finally, let's see what the Air Max BW OG White Persian Violet offers: fusing classic elegance and color accents, we find a striking contrast on these sneakers. Crisp White dominates the leather and mesh upper, while Persian Violet spans the shoe's signature elements. In short, this Nike Air Max BW Classic leather and mesh constitutes the perfect balance between simplicity and boldness.

Where to find the Air Max BW?

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