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Air Max 90


Air Max 90 Shoes

Nike Air Max, from basketball to running

In 1980, the Nike shoe company was already well established in the world of basketball shoes. The unmissable Air Force 1 had already won the hearts of NBA basketball players and was increasingly becoming a benchmark in the field. However, there was much more competition in the running world, and the brand with the swoosh had no intention of letting this happen. So, in 1985, it called on Tinker Hatfield. The engineer's mission was to design a running shoe that would stand out from the crowd, with a modern edge and optimum performance. He remembered the "Air-Sole" technology and, inspired by his trip to Paris while visiting the Georges Pompidou Center, decided to make this technology visible. His idea was to create an opening in the sole at the heel of the sneaker, revealing the famous air bubble. A few years later, the Nike Air Max 1 saw the light of day and created a craze. Observing such success, the designer set himself a goal and wanted to integrate air bubbles into the soles of future models to improve cushioning, as well as the Air Max TN, which would enjoy the same success.

Men's and women's Air Max 90 make their debut at Nike with bubbles

The Air Max 90 for men is the third model in the Nike Air Max collection. Initially called the Air Max III, it was renamed Nike Air Max 90 to reflect the year of its creation, 1990. In terms of construction, of course, it too features an air bubble, in this case called an air cushion, because this time it's much more substantial and voluminous, on the heel to provide the cushioning that runners need. With a more imposing design, this sneaker model is designed to improve the ergonomics of runners' strides. The leather inserts all around the upper ensure the sneaker's durability. The topstitching gives the sneaker an urban feel that was already present in the 90s. Finally, the flexible foam midsole provides the Nike AM90 women's sneaker with light cushioning for every step taken. And on the practical side, this shoe features simple lacing for easy on and off. The Air Max 90 Recraft Rose, for example, comes in a range of simple yet effective colors. But also more extravagant designs, such as the Air Max 90 Duck Camo Orange. The Air Max 90 sneaker has also crossed paths with other brands to join forces and let us discover the fruit of their union. The best-known of these is the collaboration with the famous Off-White brand, which produced the famous Off-White Air Max 90 Black and Off-White Air Max 90 Desert Ore. This pair has become an iconic silhouette for the swoosh brand.

What size to choose for the Air Max 90?

Like other pairs in the Air Max range, the AM90 fits true to size. To feel comfortable in your shoes, we recommend you choose your usual size. That way, you'll be able to take full advantage of this pair's innovative Air technology. What's more, a good fit in a sneaker is essential to the wearer's well-being, and if it's right, the comfort and utility of the air max 90 will only benefit you.