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Air Force 1 Shadow


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Air Force 1 Shadow Collection

The Air Force 1 Shadow is a remake of the famous Nike Air force 1, one of the first models to feature Nike AIR technology. It was created in 1982 and designed by Bruce Kilgore.

The new pair is designed primarily for women. It features an unstructured, layered construction. In fact, the design is inspired by the Air Force 1 Jester collection. Like the Air Force 1 Type, the Air Force 1 Utility and many others, the Air Force 1 collection is a remarkable success.

The Nike Air force 1 Shadow, a sneaker that makes women talk

The main aim behind the creation of the Nike Air Force Shadow is to pay tribute to the fighting women who bring change to their communities. To better reflect this state of mind, the pair of sneakers features a double dose of height, strength and a double swoosh that creates all the originality of this pair of AF1 Shadow.

The Nike model features two reinforcements, two eyelets, two back tabs and two swooshes, giving it a layered look. The shoes are lightweight and comfortable. They feature a foam midsole and a grooved outsole. With their oversized midsole, they are shaped like the very first Air Force 1 - a feature that quickly identifies the Shadow range.

The AF1 Shadow, colors to suit all tastes

Since the creation of the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow, several models have appeared. Among them is the Air Force 1 Shadow Pistachio Frost. Released in March 2020, this model is the latest addition to the Nike Shadow collection. Using the same codes as the previous models, the shoes feature shades of green and white. They are made from mesh, suede and grained or smooth leather. Several elements, such as the eyelets, the white and green swoosh, and the branded "Air" yoke on the heel, are duplicated. Elsewhere, in a pinkish hue, we find the Air Force 1 Shadow White Pink. As usual, this pair of Nike Shadow features duplicated elements such as eyelets, swoosh and branded yoke. The sole is slightly thicker than that of the model on which it is based. Two shades of pink enhance the white leather upper. The model was also released in May 2020.

The swoosh brand also offers more colorful models with the AF1 Shadow Magic Flamingo, featuring a smooth leather upper. In addition to its white upper and a few split elements, it is sublimated by delicate touches of candy pink located on the eyelets, swoosh and AIR tag.

More recent, or current, models include these: The Air Force 1 Shadow Beige Orange presented with a beige upper and a composition of smooth leather and crocodile, but also suede, which is not the case with previous models. Its construction is layered. Orange accents are found on the tongue and on the "AIR" tag. And let's not forget the new Nike Shadow Hydrogen Blue, released in April 2020, with its pastel-blue leather upper, it takes up the usual Shadow codes. It features a thick sole and 3M inserts that set it apart.

Far from stopping with these models, the Nike brand is still planning future releases to the delight of sneaker addicts.