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Air Force 1 Low


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The Nike Air Force One Low sneaker

Like many sneakers, theNike Air Force One was originally designed for basketball players . Nike in the early 1980s, the brand's ambition was to revolutionize its image and create a whole new world around its sneakers.

Released in 1983 at a price of $62.95, the first model was conceived by American designer Bruce Kilgore, from the look to the name. Indeed, he named it after the U.S. President's plane, Air Force One, as basketball players are expected to leap into the sky - and beyond - with this new shoe.

It was an immediate success. As soon as it was released, the shoe nicknamed AF1 became an emblematic product of New York hip-hop culture, and began to be seen on the feet of everyone in New York. The problem? Nike in keeping with its strategy of regular product renewal , the AirForce 1 was discontinued in 1984.

However, if the Nike Air Force One Low has today become a must-have pair of sneakers to have at home, it's thanks in particular to two Baltimore sneaker boutique managers, Paul Blinken (Cinderella Shoes) and Harold Rudo (Charley Rudo's Sports). Witnessing people's constant and insatiable demand for this pair of sneakers and their disappointment at its demise, they went straight to Nike headquarters to convince them to relaunch production.

As you can imagine, it worked. And, in the course of numerous reinventions of the Nike Air Force One Low, including new colors, endless collaborations and changes to its look, the shoe has today become the emblem of the brand with the swoosh.

What does the Air Force 1 Low look like?

In its first edition, the AF1 low edition has a rather sober look. Painted entirely in white, it features the iconic swoosh on both sides of the shoe and a thick sole. Bruce Kilgore will also be introducing the new Nike Air technology, a system ofair units hidden beneath the heel, providing the shoe with enhanced cushioning .

Designed as a unisex shoe for both men and women, it has retained the same technical features since its first version. What makes the AF1 Low sospecial ? No two models are alike! Each sneaker features details, colors and additions that set it apart from other pairs in the Air Force 1 collection. On some pairs, a second swoosh in a mini version is embroidered below the pair or superimposed on the first.

Today,the AF1 Low is available in a multitude of different versions and colors, such as the classic sneaker addict's favorite, the white Air Force One Low, or its shadow, reinforced version, which is also a great success for the swoosh brand: the Air Force 1 Shadow Triple White.

What does the future hold for the American equipment manufacturer and the AF1 Low?

A rhetorical question? Possibly... From day one, as we've just seen, Nike hasn't had to wait for success with each new sneaker model: success has come on its own. The American equipment manufacturer can therefore thank the people who have succeeded one another in creating new pairs, because they have always found their audience.

With a wide range of collections and numerous collaborations, Nike knows how to renew itself, never creating an identical pair, revisiting classics like the Air Force 1 Basse and, above all, always satisfying the sneaker community. So there's no need to worry about the future of the brand with the Swoosh, which has a bright future ahead of it..