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Collection Nike Air Force 1 Type

When it comes to manufacturing footwear and other sports equipment, no one can question or ignore the worldwide reputation of of the brand Nike. This American brandhas alwaysthis American brand has always amazed sneaker enthusiasts with more advanced versions of shoes. The proof is in the creation of the air Force 1 collection, which allowed the development of surprising products such as Nike Air Force 1 Drop Type. And like all the products of Nike, it continues to impose itself in the world of sneakers. That's why we have chosen to dedicate this article to allow you to discover it in all its dimensions and versions.

AF1 Drop Type: a prototype model reinvented by the brand Nike

The brand Nike reached the height of fame with the air Force 1 models. The AF1 concept was born in 1982 with designer Bruce Kilgore. The vision of this savvy sports shoe designer was to equip sneakers with a technology that could increase cushioning. This explains the name given to the first model born from the collection: the American President's plane. And since then, the classic version has been constantly reinvented to give the new models Nike Air Force 1 a timeless touch. Indeed, Air Force 1 Drop Type is just the redesigned, revisited and reworked model of the collection. It has even allowed the Nike to be listed in the Swoosh brands that have the magic of resurrecting their most legendary silhouette.

There is no doubt that Air Force 1 is one of the references in the world of fashion and sneakers. It has been recreated or regenerated in hundreds of versions with different colors, materials and new generation technologies (Flyknit, Flywire...). But the Air Force 1 collection has known collaborations of which the most recent version the Nike Shadow and the most limited version the Nike Off-White.

The circumstances of the birth of the Air Force 1 Type collection

The model Air Force 1 Type was born with the launch of the N.354 which coincided with the launch of THE10TH and D/MS/X. This collection Nike Type collection continues the shoe manufacturer's legacy of the Swoosh. Let's say that AFL Type is one of the models released from this line N.354 that is inspired by the iconic silhouettes of Nike to offer more comfortable and advanced models. These are models of shoes with futuristic designs whose creation is centered on the reincarnation of different assemblies like Off-White and Sacai. But the white version launched in July 2019 is the very first Air Force 1 Drop Type of the N.354 line. Highly acclaimed, its popularity was quickly reinforced by the revelation of Black, Triple Black, White Black Volt and White Gold

The technical specifications of the Air Force 1 Type collection

Looking at the Nike Air Force 1 Drop Type, you get the feeling that it has been designed manually. The sneaker model is made entirely of leather except for the inner part of the foot which is covered with Flywire. With such a material, the support of the foot is more assured because of the filaments "Vectran". There is also a transparency to perceive the Swoosh that announces the colors of a product with a modern design and forward. Always with the aim of improving the style and comfort of the heel of the AF1 Drop Type heel, the periphery of the heel has been covered with a Velcro strap. AFL Type is also a combination of simplicity and technicality and is one of the first models with an Nike Air. This remains an innovation in the world of sports in addition to the quality of its nylon tongue and lace straps.