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Air Max TN Plus


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The Nike AirMax TN Plus, an iconic pair of sneakers

Nike 1987 saw the launch of the Air Max 1, the first shoe from the American company to be designed with an air bubble in the sole. 10 years later, Nike released the Air Max 97, the first sneaker to feature a full-length air bubble. This was the beginning of Air Max technology at Nike. The Tuned air sneakers inherited this new advance in fashion and comfort. They were created in 1998 by Sean McDowell. At the time of their release, Nike TN were available in a range of colors, two of which stood out: the OG Hyper Blue and the Air max TN plus OG Pimento. His inspiration for the design came from Florida. It was during a trip to this American region that he came up with a new shoe design. He was influenced by the undulation of palm trees to create the uppers on the sneaker, integrating a whale tail that emerges from the water between the air bubbles in the sole. The two Air Max Plus colorways feature a gradient of orange and blue, reminiscent of sunrise and sunset. The Hyper Blue and TN Tiger models were such a hit that they decided to release a pack with reissues of these models, plus new colors including the Air max TN plus Wolf Grey.

From sport to street

At the end of the 90s, Nike released the Air Max TN shoe model. The shoe was designed to appeal to sports enthusiasts, but was soon adopted by young people from the suburbs. This phenomenon can be explained by the particular social context. Indeed, it was its rather aggressive silhouette that appealed to young people. The American franchise has clearly seen the success the pair has had with young people, particularly from the suburbs of big cities like Marseille and Paris. So it's only natural that Nike will be releasing a capsule in the colors of the two iconic soccer clubs. The classico pack includes an azure blue and white colorway for Marseille, and navy blue and red for Paris. Foot Locker released them just before a classico match. Sneaker fans and PSG and Olympique de Marseille ultras will be delighted. This classic will celebrate its 22nd anniversary this year, and Nike isn't planning to stop there. In fact, they're planning a new colorway for the Nike Air Max Plus.

The Air Max in collaboration with Supreme

The two American brands have often worked together and released numerous collaborations. This is the case for the Nike air max TN, where Supreme has come up with a new color scheme based on their vision. In 2020, three colorways of the famous Air Max requin were released. The first were the Air Max Plus Supreme Green, which were green, blue and orange. The second was the Air Max Plus Supreme Black which was black, purple and yellow. While the third was much more classic, adopting an all-white color scheme with a touch of red to recall the New York brand's logo. The special feature of these TN shoes is that they are emblazoned with " Supreme ".

How to size Air Max TN?

Limited Resell we advise you to choose your usual size, as the Air Max TN fit normally. Thanks to air-bubble technology in the sole, the shoe offers optimum stability and unrivalled comfort. The women's Air Max TN is a hit, featuring excellent cushioning, a mesh upper for comfort and an aggressive design. The Nike Air Max TN is also available for men, and the sneaker has been a great success since its first day of release.