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Air Max Plus Terrascape




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Focus on the Air Max Plus Terrascape design

If there's one thing we notice about the Air Max Plus Terrascape, it's its remarkable design. Indeed, it presents a rather massive shoe, which was originally more likely to appeal to men. But for some years now, the trend has been reversed, and women are increasingly appreciative of this kind of streetwear-oriented model. At Limited Resell, we understand this craze: the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus boasts many details that leave no one indifferent. Enough talk, and let us take you into the magic of Nike Air Max. The Air Max Terrascape Plus is equipped with a very wide, solid sole, ideal for winter or sports activities. It offers all the comfort and support you need. With a mesh covering, the surface of this pair remains lightweight. On the contrary, the Terrascape represents the perfect balance between a large, potentially somewhat heavy sole and a very thin, lightweight upper. The great advantage of these sneakers shoes lies in the rubber arches placed all along the mesh surface, making the Terrascape a unique pair offering unrivalled foot support.

Our top 3 most beautiful TN Terrascape models

With so many TN Terrascape models circulating online, it can be quite complicated to choose the pair of sneakers that's 100% right for you. That's why Limited Resell has put together a top 3 list of Nike Terrascape pairs that we're sure will fit you like a glove!

Let's start with the Air Max Terrascape Plus Summit White Photon Dust. What can we say, except that this is the ultimate pair of Terrascape full whites. Easy to match, this white Terrascape will suit you all year round, from winter to spring. If you don't want to take any risks and love the design with its wide Nike comma for night-time reflectivity, don't wait any longer! The black Terrascape is also available at Limited Resell.

For fans of nude colors, we've got just the thing for you: the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus Rattan. Opting for a pair of these is a bigger risk than the Terrascape full white, but they're still very easy to match. The color scheme is very well thought-out, with beige, black and a cream sole embellished with small spots, making this a visually very interesting Terrascape.

Last but not least, the must-have Terrascape Sea Coral. If you were impressed by the design of the Rattan, you'll be totally bowled over by the Sea Coral. For summer, this sneaker is simply incredible. It comes in a range of colors, from flashy beige and pink to subtle shades of blue. Personally, if I had to make a choice, I'd definitely go for this one, combining originality and flexibility.

How do the Air Max Plus Terrascape fit?

Limited Resell we all know that finding the right size can be a real challenge. Especially online, where opinions differ widely. So we're keen to offer you our expertise on what size you should choose for your new pair ofAir Max Terrascape. Over time, we've found that many people find the Nike TN slightly small. That's why we suggest you take half a size smaller than your usual size!

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