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White Sneakers


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The timeless white sneaker

What could be better than the famous white sneakers to perfect your outfit? Whether it's casual, streetwear, or chic, it will look even better with a great pair of sneakers white sneakers immaculate. Indeed, you know that the good old white is a color that we assemble with anything. From jeans to tracksuits, from pants to skirts to dresses, and whatever the style these pieces are wearing, we like to wear them with our timeless white shoes. And since we love this color so much, but we are eco-friendly, we will choose THE white sneaker that will make our heart beat for many years. But you and I know how difficult this choice will be so much the offer is big (and beautiful). That's why you will find in this category our selection of white sneakers among the most trendy of the market.

Which white sneakers to choose?

At Limited Resell, we do everything possible to ensure that you, dear sneakersaddictsto find your happiness whatever your style. Among our many categories is one for lovers of white and, by extension, to those for whom "class and sobriety" are the watchwords. Here is a selection of must-haves all dressed in white

We start by quoting one of the great favorites: The Air Force 1 white. Thanks to its sleek style, the sneaker Nike white sneaker is sober and will match all the pieces of your wardrobe. The traditional leather base and exposed seams of the Nike Air Force 1 combine for an elegant touch. And if Nike now offers a variation of the Air Force 1the Nike Air Force 1 white remains the star of the collection

For a more sophisticated effect, we prefer the Air Max TN white. Indeed, the Nike TN is distinguished by its structure both classy and sporty. The "waves" drawn on the sides of the shoe break the uniformity of white by bringing some relief to the TN Nike white. Finally, the bubbles in the sole offer an original touch to the sneaker Nike

In a very different register, we find the New Balance White Grey : this pair of 550 pair features two shades of white that contrast slightly with the gray of the sole. The simple structure of the New Balance white the simple structure of the white is complemented by touches of perforated leather: a nice combination that will accompany a casual style as well as an elegant outfit

We leave the simplicity to go towards the originality with the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Bone this Adidas white is indeed a sneaker that knows how to stand out while keeping a certain sobriety. The translucent band of the Yeezy gives it a certain character since it breaks the uniform aspect of white in Primeknit. In a few words, this Yeezy 350 should be able to bring you the perfect amount of originality to enhance your outfits.

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned must-haves, note that dozens of other pairs of sneakers are available on our site. And whether you are looking for white sneaker for men or a white sneakers for womenyou will be fully satisfied by discovering that each of the models put online is unisex

How to clean white sneakers?

To keep your sneakers looking pristine, the best thing to do is to brush them carefully, soaking the brush with baking soda or Marseille soap beforehand. However, if you want to give a special care to your pair of white shoeswe recommend the crep Protect.