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Ugg Goldenstar Clog Clogs

For several months, the Australian brand Ugg has been causing a sensation: whether UGG slippers, Ugg clogs or Ugg boots, the shoes offered by the brand have convinced the entire trainers community and personalities around the world. Building on its success, the brand recently granted itself more freedom by adding to its catalog a pair of shoes that we had never seen before at Ugg . This new range, called Ugg Goldenstar Clog , designates a selection of pairs inspired by the aesthetic of the clog. The upper of this Ugg shoe is (like most pairs of Uggs ) made of suede. A nylon strap, adjustable using a Velcro closure system, has been placed at the heel to ensure support for the foot. Note that the end of this element is decorated with a graphic UGG logo. For even more comfort, the Ugg Goldenstar clog has been equipped with a textile lining in polyester fibers and an enveloping EVA footbed. The midsole and outsole feature SugarSole technology. Finally, a recycled polyester border separates the outsole from the base of the Ugg clog . The Ugg Goldenstar Clog shoe is available in 4 versions including the black Ugg Goldenstar Clog or the brown Ugg Goldenstar Clog .

Where to find Ugg Clog Golden Star shoes?

The Uggs Goldenstar Clogs could well enter the top trend soon and thus become a new must-have in the eyes of the trainers community. But if you want to get a head start and shop your Ugg clogs now, know that they are already available on Limited Resell , in our Ugg Goldenstar Clug section.

What size should you choose for Ugg Goldenstar clogs?

We know: depending on the brand or model, some pairs of trainers may not correspond to the sizes indicated. And we also know how frustrating it can be to receive a pair of shoes that don't fit. This is why we want to systematically inform you about the sizing of the pairs sold on our site. As for the Uggs Goldenstar Clog , good news: like most Uggs , UGG clogs fit normally. The Limited Resell team therefore recommends that you choose your usual size.

How to wear Ugg clogs?

Go out in clogs? If it’s Uggs , we say “why not?” ! Indeed, with the Goldenstar Clug Uggs , we can easily imagine straight fabric pants for a vintage look or slightly oversized straight jeans for a more casual style. To complete the look, add a slightly oversized blazer or a chunky knit sweater to your outfit. And now, voila ! Of course, we are only making simple suggestions. Be creative and dress according to your tastes and preferences above all!

Other models from the UGG brand

In 2022, many models from the Ugg brand were released, and some of them particularly caused a sensation, starting with the Ugg Ultra Mini : these Ugg ankle boots and their platform Ugg version with a suede upper were able to charm our sneakeraddicts . The Ugg Ultra Mini Chestnut boots, however, were the big favorites of the collection. The Ugg Tasman and Tazz also held their own this winter: having the appearance of a slipper, these UGG models are ideal for your relaxing days at home or for sporting a casual look during an outing. Moreover, when it comes to Ugg slippers, the trainers community clearly had a weakness for the Ugg Tasman Slipper Chestnut . However, the Ugg Disquette and Ugg Funkette slippers also captured hearts.

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