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Adidas Samba Wales Bonner


The Adidas Samba Wales Bonner: a stunning Adidas Samba

Oh, did you catch the wind of this little revolution shaking up the fashion world at the very beginning of the year? No ? Wait, let me enlighten you - we're talking about the sensational Adidas Samba Wales Bonner! That's it, something's triggering in your memory, isn't it? Well, it's time to put a name to this wave of coolness hitting the streets!

The Adidas Wales Bonner Samba is the pair of sneakers that everyone is snapping up to start the year with panache. You've probably noticed that Samba sneakers are making a comeback, with their casual look and that little retro touch we love. But hold on to your hats, because the Wales Bonner version is a whole different story. You may be wondering who's behind the name? It's the touch of Grace Wales Bonner, that rising star of London fashion who deftly weaves classic European chic with the colorful fibers of her Jamaican roots. The result? Stylistic fireworks!

Wales Bonner Adidas Samba is a bold color palette, out-of-the-ordinary materials and a design that reinvents the classic Samba in an explosion of newness. We're talking about a real twist on a model that, let's not forget, was originally rather sober. So get ready, because the Adidas Wales Bonner wave is about to sweep you off your feet, and something tells me this trend is going to win you over faster than you think!

Our differentAdidas Samba Wales Bonner models

You've fallen completely under the spell of the new Adidas Samba collection, but choosing the model that's going to become your inseparable travelling companion is making you break out in a cold sweat? Stay calm, Limited Resell comes to the rescue with a top 4 list of the Adidas Wales Bonner that will make your heart skip a beat. And guess what? They're all waiting for you at Limited Resell!

For those of you who want a bit of originality, but don't want to play the fashion stuntman, we've got two gems for you. First, the enigmatic Adidas Samba Wales Bonner Core Black, with its captivating furry look, brown rubber sole and delicate cream accents to soften its aesthetic. It's sure to turn heads. Alternatively, opt for the tender Adidas Samba Wales Bonner Cream White, which will envelop your feet in the sweetest cream color. And to spice things up, touches of dark red are there to spice things up.

Now, for those who want to make a statement at first glance, we've unearthed the wonderful Adidas Samba Wales Bonner Silver. Imagine an all-silver pair that's sure to propel you into the spotlight. And true to the spirit of Grace Wales Bonner, the three Adidas bands are transformed into delicate lace. It's original, charming and, let's face it, absolutely sublime.

And for the grand finale, we've saved the best for last, for the bold, the intrepid: the Adidas Samba Wales Bonner leopard. In a nutshell: a breathtaking leopard print, a rainbow of colors and, of course, that coveted furry lining. What more could you ask for?

If you're still unsure, don't worry. Take a look around our site, where a treasure trove of different Adidas Samba x Wales Bonner products awaits you. I bet you'll find the perfect partner for your adventures!

How do you cut Adidas Wales Bonner?

Ah, I can see that the time has come to take the plunge into your new sneaker conquest! But there's a tiny cloud of hesitation hovering over your choice of shoe size? Don't worry, Limited Resell is here to clear up the fog: take your usual size and all will be well with your new treasure!

At Limited Resell, we don't do things by halves: Wales Bonner Adidas are available in a range of sizes as wide as your smile, from 36 to 48. Enough to satisfy a host of fans, from the smallest to the biggest feet. And to top it all off, enjoy our express delivery service, from 5 to 15 working days. Enough to satisfy the most impatient among you. So don't wait any longer, your future Samba Wales Bonner is already waiting for you at Limited Resell!

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