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Converse Fear of God




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Converse Fear of God

Fear of God is a fashion brand which was created in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo. At first, the brand was basically just making trendy clothes. From aviator jackets to extra long T-shirts, the brand quickly became a a streetwear must-have. It is only much later that it will launch in collaborations with Nike for results that will become iconic to say the least The converse Fear of God is the latest and it fits perfectly in this dynamic.

From trendy clothes to revolutionary sneakers

It all really starts in 2016 The brand Fear of God presents its Military Sneakers. It is a pair of sneakers in the design of military shoes (nothing very famous, you think). However, its large and very nice sole however, its large and beautiful notched sole, the different colors offered and the care put in the realization of this pair will project the brand in a whole new dimension. In fact, the military sneakers will be a great success. From then on, the shoe became a timeless classic, like a certain Chuck 70.

Subsequently, jerry Lorenzo's brand collaborated with the greatest, including Nike. Thus, in 2018, this association will give birth to the iconic Air Fear of God 1. This sneaker will combine perfectly the sporty look and the streetwear look. This is what makes it still one of the most beautiful pairs of sneakers. This collaboration will also give birth to other pairs just as beautiful, before the brand decides to stop its collaboration with Nike

That's when the collaboration between Converse (owned by Nike) and Fear of God. One of the results will be the iconic Chuck Taylor 70. And it is really worth a look! A successful collaboration reminding us of the one with Converse x Comme des Garçons Play.

A design of Chuck Taylor All Star 70 revisited in the way Fear of God

This pair is essentially the design of the high top pair of Converse. It features again the white sole with black stripe which has already proven itself. The eternal canvas upper is kept at the expense of the canvas that used to hang at the back of the pair.

This canvas is replaced by a particular hole for lace, because it is on the tendon. The originality that this revisit brings is the possibility to to pass the laces behind the foot. So you already have ultra-long laces as well as a specific place in the heel to allow the laces to pass behind the laces to pass behind the ankle.

In addition, the interior face will retain the of the brand with the star. In addition, on the left heel you will notice an inscription "essential Fear of God while on the right you will see the logo Converse. This is a great idea, because it avoids two unpleasant situations. The first is wearing a pair of sneakers with an overloaded label on the heel. The second is that one brand overshadows another. A great idea then!

In 2018, Fear of God and the brand Converse also brought the pair up to date with the the Off-White edition. The colors available were the Converse Chuck 70 Fear of God Blackthe Natural White as well as the Fear of God Essentials Grey and the least we can say is that the sneakers have been a great success. The designers have kept the original codes of the Chuck Taylor All Star 70 and added "a touch of Fear of God". The result was so appreciated that a restock took place in march 2020. As much to say that the pairs were sold like hotcakes. Many reissues of this reissue have also seen the light of day. Let's focus on the most interesting of them!

The latest models Converse Fear of God

The pair is unveiled in 2018 in the basic white/black and black/white with the Off-White edition. Faced with its success, many reissues are made. Notably the Chuck Taylor All Star 70s Hi Fear of God String. Long name (it's true), but this version released in March this year includes the colors gray, cream beige and black. This sober version will please fans who could not identify with the combination of black and white.

All these sober and pure versions are beautiful, but the collaboration did not stop there. Just look at the release of the Fear of God Essentials Converse Skidgrip. This pair is a real favorite for us. It features beautiful designs from the 80s and combines a lot of bright colors such as blue, red, purple, etc.. The result is a much more fanciful pair, available since the end of September

Its design is closer to that of the military sneakers. However, the indented sole has been replaced by a flat sole. In addition, the band that wraps around the shin is no longer present. The rendering is, however, very attractive. So consider seeing it for yourself.

The Converse x Fear of God collection will be almost as talked about as jW Anderson's collection with the Converse Run Star Hike.