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The Autry brand, icon of the 80s

Created in 1982 in Texas, Autry is a brand intended for tennis. She quickly gained a solid reputation. Indeed, very quickly noticed by technical and design innovation, the Medalist model was recognized as the best sneaker in Tennis Magazine in 1985. In 1987, two years later, the Jetstreamers model appeared in Runner's World magazine with a 5 star rating. Long awaited by fans of vintage trainers , this iconic model from the 80s resurfaces after thirty years of inactivity following the death of its creator Jim Autry . In 2019, Autry returned to the French market with the determination of Régis Baillart and Alberto Raengo . Two Frenchys, fans of the historic model, are relaunching the image of the brand recognizable by its American flag. They quote: “the shoe like less is more, an alliance between North American nostalgia and European know-how which sets it apart from other trainers ”.

Everyday trainers

Minimalist unisex design with the Autry women's and Autry men's models for everyday comfort. A pair of Autry can be worn with everything: jeans, a dress, a skirt, pants... It's the trainers that you no longer want to do without with its ease of matching. It is with very good quality leather and great comfort for the foot with its thick and wider sole that it stands out from other trainers . Discreet and pleasant, that's simply what Autry represents today with the iconic American flag.

Autry USA, a vintage style already adopted

With its vintage charm, if you love 80s sneakers, take a closer look at the Autry Medalist . Featuring a magnificent wide and thick “off-white” sole, the vintage atmosphere is accentuated. However, like any vintage sneaker , it keeps its sporty silhouette, particularly with the Autry Low collection where we find the Black White model or the Autry Low Red White . This silhouette is also present on other brands of shoes such as the New Balance 550 with a low pair also representative of the famous Nike Dunk Low . Find all Autry USA shoes on Limited Resell .

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