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Nike Dunk Kids and Baby


The Nike Dunk for Kids: from a difficult start to a worldwide success

In 1985, the Nike Dunk (originally intended for basketball), made its entry into the world of sneakers. But one of its cousins overshadowed it: the Air Jordan 1 designed by Nike and Michael Jordan entered the scene the same year and quickly became very coveted. Indeed, the success of the Air Jordan is such that it will go until encroaching on that of the first pair of Dunk. And if it is not the most worn shoe at the beginning, a particular community will still honor the Dunk Nike: skateboarders are snatching it up. From then on, Nike started a brand new marketing strategy by offering a range of sneakers dedicated to skateboarders. The challenge was to create a structure adapted to the requirements of the practice: several changes are made on the Dunk which abandons for example its high collar for a lower version that will give life to the Nike Dunk Low. Born then a world phenomenon that we no longer expected: the Dunk Low is not only worn by skateboarders, but by everyone. It is no longer worn only in the United States; it crosses borders and Westerners willingly adopt it. In short, the Dunk Low seduces, and almost 40 years later, we still love it.

Nike kids : where to buy Nike Dunk for kids ?

Because your child also has the right to want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, we offer for his little feet a selection of Nike Dunk Child that should please him, whatever his tastes. Its leather base common to all Dunk Kids gives a high-end look to the shoe which offers at the same time an optimal comfort. In addition, the special attention paid to the ankle support will allow your child to run in complete safety and will make you a serene parent. Also, for your little ones who often wonder with what to assemble their outfit, Nike found the solution: opt for the traditional Black and white Dunk Low for kidswhich, you'll agree, can be worn with any piece in your wardrobe. If, on the other hand, your little one wants to stand out with Dunk for kids that are noticed, prefer the colorful models of the collection. Maybe you'll be tempted by some lovely Pink Dunk Low... or any of the other colorways offered by Limited Resell. Note that the Dunk High Panda and Dunk Fragment Beijing for kids are also available on our website for the little ones who love high top sneakers.

Nike Dunk Low, Baby Dunk, Junior Dunk... Are Dunk shoes comfortable?

Just like the Yeezy for kids and the Jordan for kidss, the Dunk for kids and babies offer optimal comfort: a synthetic leather upper is present to ensure the durability and support of the sneakers. As for the quality cushioning, we owe it to the phylon midsole. The perforated upper of the children's sneaker promises better ventilation, while the rubber sole with a circular pattern ensures multidirectional traction.

Kids' sneakers: how do the kids' Dunk fit?

The Dunk for kids and babies fit normally. The Limited Resell team recommends that you choose the regular size so that your children comfort for your children.