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Nike Dunk Low Next Nature


What's the difference between Dunk Low and Dunk Low Next Nature?

The Dunk Low and Dunk Low Next Naturesneakers are two popular sneaker models created by the brand Nike. And while these two silhouettes share many similarities, they also have several distinct differences: the Dunk Low, on the other hand, are shoes from the Dunk collection by Nike. The first Nike Dunk Low sneakers appeared in 1985. And while these sneakers were initially designed for basketball, they quickly became popular in the urban and streetwear worlds. The Dunk Low Nike feature a synthetic leather upper and embody a clean, classic and timeless style. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials, there's something for everyone.

As forthe Dunk Low Next Naturesneakers , they're a kind of update on the classic Dunk Low. This range has been designed with sustainable and ecological materials, the aim being to adapt to current environmental issues. The upper is made fromorganic materials such as hemp and organic cotton, while the sole is made from recycled rubber. Like classic Dunk Low sneakers, these eco-responsible shoes feature a sober design, but with colors that are often less flashy than those sometimes found on their cousins, evoking purity and a closeness to nature.

In terms of comfort and performance, the Dunk Low and Nike Dunk Low Next Nature have similar features . In fact, all models in these two sneaker collections feature a rubber sole for optimum grip and durability, as well as a textile lining for added comfort. Both sneaker collections also share a low-profile silhouette to give wearers greater freedom of movement.

The best models in the Dunk Low Next Nature collection

Dunk NextNature are definitely among the best-selling sneakers of the moment. With such pretty colors, it's hard not to fall for them. Take the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature Lilac, for example : with its white synthetic leather upper and Lila-colored inserts, this pair is all about sweet style. You'll love them with a light outfit for sunny days! In the same vein, we find the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint: with its patches of very pale green against a background of white synthetic leather, the Dunk Low Next Nature White Mint would go perfectly with a springtime style . Inshort, if you like color, these two pairs of sneakers might just catch your eye.If, on the other hand, you prefer to stick with something classic, we suggest you take a look at the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature Black White: this model is identical to the famous Dunk Low Panda. In fact, apart from the fact that the Next Nature version is made from at least 20% recycled materials, it has all the characteristics of the very popular Dunk Panda, namely a white leather base and black accents: a very simple model, but one that's nonetheless very fashionable! Finally, the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature Sail should also appeal to fans of simple sneakers, thanks to its dress alternating between touches of white and off-white.

How much do the Dunk Low New Nature shoes cost?

The cost of Nike Dunk Low Next Nature shoes is not fixed. In fact, it can vary according to a number of criteria, including size, color, rarity and where you buy them. At Limited Resell, we do our utmost to make available the rarest sneakers at prices that remain acceptable. In this context, on our site you'll find pairs of Dunk Next Nature starting at €160. But once again, please note that this price may vary depending on the factors set out above.