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Nike Dunk Low Off White


Off-White: Abloh's luxury-streetwear alliance

After proving himself at university, in the music world and then with Kanye West, Virgil Abloh has a great passion for fashion, and we thank him. More precisely, it is in 2013 that the American designer will shake up streetwear by combining it with luxury with his brand Off-White. At that time, Abloh has only one idea in mind: to give back subtlety and credibility to streetwear that until now carried a rather degrading image. Shortly after, it's mission accomplished for the designer: Off-White is worn by several major figures of Hip-Hop and fashion such as Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Bella Hadid or the Jenner sisters. Of course, it doesn't go without saying that the phenomenon has gone far beyond that: fashionistas from all over the world have been snapping up the brand's products since its release

Nike X Off-White... or the collaboration of the decade!

Following successful collaborations with Levi's and Moncler, Off-White is now tackling Nike. It is indeed in 2017 that the X brand is about to experience an unprecedented success by partnering with the comma brand: "The ten", designating 10 pairs from the alliance Nike/Off-Whitealliance, enter the scene. Among them are the Off-White Nike Air Jordan 1, the Air Max 90, or the Nike Air Force 1. This first release offers a real revisit of the traditional sneaker with the swoosh offering a deconstructed architecture to each of its pairs. We also note the zip tie adorning the shoe, proof that the American designer has gone through it. In a few words, the Nike Off White is a small revolution in design dared and signed Virgil Abloh ! A small revolution that gave rise to the second some time later with the collection "The fifty".

"The fifty", the 50 lots of the Nike Dunk Off White

The notable success of the previous collaboration Nike/Off-White gave ideas to the brands who have chosen to do it again in 2021: with their collection, "The 50", the two collaborators have opted for an original revisit of the famous Nike Dunk Low. Fifty new models of Dunk Low Off White populate the collection of the two giants of the sneakers. The new Off White Nike is available in 50 lotseach of them keeping the same base. However, the Nike Dunk Low Off White differ between them on a few points: the tongue, the color of the lacesthe tongue, the color of the laces, the zip tie and the details constituting the sole vary from one model to another. Among them, we find the Nike Dunk Low Off-White Lot 36 for the sobriety, the Nike Blazer Low Off-White Black Electro Green for the sophisticated aspect, or the Nike Off-White Dunk Low University Red for a back to school look that you will find in the category Nike Dunk. This should delight everyone!

Where to find the Dunk Off White ?

The Nike Off White Dunk Low is available in 50 models and has been created for all tastes. But here's the thing; when they were released, the new Dunk Off White were reserved only for people with exclusive access. Indeed, the brand with the swoosh wishing to privilege its best customers, made at that time the choice of exclusivity, especially to keep the rarity and originality of the off White shoe. Unfortunately, the death of Virgil Abloh that same year will have a considerable impact on the market of the off-White sneaker and its resale at the same time. That's why at Limited Resell, despite the rarity of the Dunk Nike X Off-White, we are committed to making the majority of the collection available on our website

How do the Dunk Low Off-White fit?

The Off White Dunk Low normal sizethe Limited Resell team recommends that you take your usual size