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New Balance 1906R Sneakers for Men and Women

Before becoming one of the best-selling trainers of the moment, the New Balance 1906 was a sneaker with a high-end style and a high cost. Indeed, when it was first released in 2009, the pair of shoes was priced at $250. And if the latter was dressed at the time in a luxurious and very “made in USA” look, the new version of New Balance 1906 sports a less pretentious and more trendy style: like a 2002R sneaker , the New Balance 1906r shoes feature a thick sole and a deconstructed style. On the quarter panel, we obviously find the traditional N signature of the New Balance brand . In addition, each pair of the New Balance 1906r collection has a plastic reinforcement: this element surrounds the back of the trainer and completes the robust appearance of the latter. In terms of materials, this range of sneakers can be found in suede, mesh and synthetic depending on the model chosen. Fans of sports and shoes with a rebellious style, the 1906r New Balance is made for you!

The New Balance 1906r Protection Pack collection

If it is said that the entire New Balance 1906r range caused a sensation, this is especially the case for 4 trainers models in particular: we think, for example, of the New Balance 1906 Protection Pack Castlerock . With its deconstructed gray suede pieces, this pair of New Balance sneakers displays a bold and very classic style at the same time. The model is also equipped with a breathable mesh base, which should prevent any sweating issues. Also note that at the heel level there is a TPU cage. It is also this element which reinforces the robust side of the shoe. The yellowed sole of this New Balance gives it a fairly vintage look. The New Balance Protection Pack Beige has the same characteristics as the shoes described previously with 2 exceptions: this New Balance model is adorned with a beige dress while its sole features deep black rubber. Finally, the white New Balance 1906 Protection Pack Reflection and their black version offer a slightly more sophisticated style than its cousins, although they are still similar to the other New Balance pairs in the collection.

What are the latest New Balance ?

With a cascade of releases of popular models, the Boston brand is overshadowing the Nike sneaker brand and the Adidas shoe brand . This phenomenon is partly explained by the recent release of models such as the New Balance 1906r Cordura . Indeed, with a color that works every time and a few sophisticated elements, this new model of sneakers could only cause a sensation. But the latter is not the only one to enjoy success: recently, the New Balance 990 V2 Salehe Bembury Sand Be The Time has also made waves thanks to daring combinations of colors and materials. Finally, the New Balance 550 collection continues its flawless performance with the arrival of the New Balance 550 Sea Salt Verdigris : this pair in fresh, spring colors could well become one of our favorite trainers for the coming season!

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