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Adidas Gazelle Bold



Physical characteristics of Adidas Gazelle Bold

As you've probably noticed, Adidas Gazelle sneakers have been making a remarkable comeback of late, offering us a palette of colors and designs each more seductive than the last. At Limited Resell, we understand this craze: how can you resist a pair of sneakers that combines comfort and style?

The Adidas Gazelle Bold are a perfect example of this trend. They offer a trendy look with a sleek design, includingAdidas 's iconic three stripes and quality suede material. You're probably wondering what the big plus is in the women'sAdidas Gazelle Bold, that detail that makes all the difference? It's undoubtedly their thick, imposing sole, which contrasts perfectly with the shoe's rather slim design. This sole ensures excellent grip on the ground and unrivalled comfort.

I don't know about you, but at Limited Resell, Gazelle Bold shoes are definitely in the spotlight!

How do Adidas Gazelle Bold shoes fit?

Choosing the right size for your new pair ofAdidas Bold Gazelle can sometimes seem tricky, particularly because of their imposing sole, which can intimidate some buyers. But there's no need to worry. At Limited Resell, we're here to guide you and recommend that you choose the size you usually wear. Thanks to their soft, adaptable suede, these trainers shoes will naturally conform to the shape of your foot, ensuring optimum comfort from the very first steps.

For those with wider feet, or those who plan to wear thicker socks for added comfort, or for those who simply prefer a little more toe room, we suggest going up half a size from your usual shoe size. This small extra margin will ensure that your Gazelle Bold Adidas fit perfectly without being too tight, offering a better everyday wearing experience.

How do I wash my Gazelle?

If you want to protect your new pair ofAdidas Originals Gazelle Bold as much as possible, we recommend applying Crep Protect waterproofing spray, which will effectively protect the nubuck of your trainers. To clean small stains or the wide gum sole, follow the instructions in the Crep Protect maintenance kit: a tried and tested solution for removing everyday stains.

Finally, a little tip from grandma: mix one part vinegar with two parts water, apply to the stain, then rub gently with a clean cloth and leave to dry. And don't put your Gazelles in the washing machine!

Our 3 favorite pairs ofAdidas Gazelle Bold

As trainers professionals, choosing just three models of Gazelle Adidas Bold was a real headache for us, but after careful consideration, we finally made our choice:

Our first choice was the Gazelle Bold Pink Glow. With its pink color and small touches of navy blue, this pinkAdidas Gazelle Bold stands out superbly. This pair is just perfect to welcome the sunny days ahead!

The Adidas Gazelle Bold Grey White, with its gray coating, plays the low-key card compared to the Bold Pink Glow, which is ideal for those of you looking for a trainer to wear every day.

And finally, the Gazelle Bold Silver Green Gum is very trendy with its water-green color, perfect for summer and for adding a touch of pep to your outfits!

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