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Adidas Campus sneakers for women and men

The history of Adidas history is marked by legendary shoes that have been worn for over 50 years now. However, there is a trend in recent years by the biggest brands of sneakers: to bring back old models to the market in order to revive their popularity with a new audience .

And this is particularly the case of the Adidas Campus. This legendary shoe, since its reissue, is constantly being redesigned in new styles and colors. However, it has long been forgotten and has not known the success expected at its initial release in 1970.

The history of the Adidas Campus

That year, Adidas had a very clear idea in mind: to compete with the success of the Puma Suede in the NBA. Indeed, the Campus Adidas is intended at its release to American basketball players, and is even called "The Tournament", to highlight its use in competition.

For its design, the brand with three stripes will draw its inspiration from two of the three models released between one and two years before the release of the Campus: the Superstar and the Gazelle. This sneaker is thus imagined in the idea of being a perfect combination between these two shoes already emblematic of the house, meeting a great success since their release.

The first version of the sneaker Adidas Campus will use the suede upper of the Gazelle and the technical characteristics of the Superstar, initially intended for basketball players: we find the same trefoil at the heel, the three stripes and the perforation points on the sides of the shoe. The only difference is the flexibility of the shoe and its rubber outsole, reinforced to make this sneaker comfortable for basketball players wearing it during a game.

Despite the fact that this sneaker followed the hype of the Stan, Superstar and Gazelle, which were released a few years before the Campus, it never caught on with the community it was intended for. Instead, the legend of the Adidas Campus shoe would be built when it was embraced by the hip-hop community in the early 1990s.

What about the Campus today?

Since the first Campus sneaker from the brand Adidas, a multitude of versions of this pair of sneakers have been released, both Adidas Campus Men's and Adidas Campus Women's models. In particular, two main collections of this sneaker Adidas Campus were born since the initial creation of the sneaker: the Campus 80s and the Campus 00s, of which the second unveiled very recently.

Between collaborations, such as the Adidas Campus Green, this shoe continues to reinvent itself today, whose success was not long in showing this time.