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Adidas Stan Smith


Stan Smith Adidas, the shoe that spans the centuries

Adidas is a German sportswear brand founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler. Since its creation, the brand with the three stripes has made a name for itself in the world of sports footwear, thanks in particular to its iconic models such as the famous Stan Smith.

Like the Adidas Samba sneaker, Adidas ' s Stan Smith collection is undoubtedly one of the brand's best-known. Launched in 1971, it quickly became the footwear benchmark. And although the Adidas pair of sneakers was originally designed for tennis players, it has also become a must-have for all fashion lovers.

The Stan Smith fromAdidas is a minimalist, elegant shoe with a clean, simple design. It's made from premium white leather, giving it great durability and an exceptional finish. The white rubber sole is also characteristic of this model. The sole is embossed with the words "Stan Smith" and "Adidas".

How do Stan Smith sneakers fit?

Stan Smith sneakers are normally sized, so the Limited Resell team recommends that you select your usual size from the Adidas brand. We provide a size guide Adidas Stan Smith, available on the site's product pages.

The versatility of the Stansmith shoe

The technical features of the Stan Smith sneaker are numerous: the shoe features a classic lacing system for a perfect fit and comfortable feel. The EVA foam insole provides excellent shock absorption, while the rubber outsole ensures optimum grip on all surfaces. The leather upper is breathable to prevent excessive perspiration. Thanks to all these features, the Stan Smith shoe is ideal for sportsmen and women.

But beyond that, the Stan Smith Adidas is also a true fashion classic, which has also stood the test of time. What's more, new versions have appeared over the years, such as the Adidas Stan Smith Sporty & Rich Stan Smith White Red or the Adidas Stan Smith Primegreen Floral. However, it's the original version that stands out. The Stan Smith Forever Primegreen White has retained its place as a favorite over the years and hasn't aged a day! Thanks to its sober, uncluttered design, it can be easily matched to any style: the shoe is ideal for any moment of the day, for a casual or dressy look.

How to care for Stan Smith sneakers

The Stan Smith Adidas sneaker is very easy to care for. Simply clean the sneaker regularly with a damp cloth. But for maximum protection, be sure to use a special leather care product to optimize the preservation of your sneakers Adidas. It's also important to let your Stan Smith Adidas sneakers air-dry after each exposure to humidity, to prevent the formation of mold.

To sum up, the Adidas Stan Smith is an iconic pair of sneakers that has spanned the decades with panache. They are ideal for all fashion lovers looking for a minimalist, elegant sneaker - the Stansmith can be found in our selection of men's sneakers- as well as for women, with our women's sneakers. As men's Stan Smith s can be worn in all circumstances, this is also the case for women's stan smiths, as the majority of models are unisex. The quality of the materials used and the shoe's technical features guarantee a long life for Stan Smiths, even with daily use.