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Adidas Gazelle


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Adidas a sporting company

The German company Adidas was born of the separation of the two Dassler brothers. In fact, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler had jointly created a sports shoe manufacturing company called "Schuhfabrik Gebrueder Dassler". Following a dispute, the two brothers decided to separate, Adi from his nickname creating Adidas and Rudolf creating the Puma brand.

With a view to improving performance, Adi Dassler added three strips of leather to his shoes, to provide better support for the athletes' various sporting efforts. His shoes became so high-performance that athletes taking part in major international events used them in their competitions.

Little by little, the brand with the three stripes made a name for itself in the world of sport.

Adidas Gazelle: fashionable sports fields

This isn't the first timeAdidas has designed a timeless pair. We all know the famous Adidas Stan Smith and Adidas Superstar. The Adidas Gazelle is going to be a great success on sports fields and in the street. The Gazelle is a pair of shoes launched by Adidas in the '68s. When it first came out, this pair of sneakers was intended for use on a variety of sports surfaces.

There were two models, with different soles and colors. The red Gazelle-Rot was designed for outdoor sports such as athletics, while the blue Gazelle-blau was for indoor sports such as handball. Despite its success, the Gazelle was withdrawn from theAdidas catalog and replaced by its cousin, the Jaguar. A few years later, in the 80s, with the development of streetwear, Adidas decided to market it again, adding a few premium touches. With its many colors and slim, iconic silhouette, it made its mark on the streetwear world with its chic yet sporty design.

During this period, the legendary Gazelles were adopted by many influential people, including Kate Moss, who wore them on several occasions to ceremonies, and American hip-hop figures such as the "Beastie Boys". This pair of sneakers was eventually adopted by English soccer fans, in particular supporters of the Liverpool team, who chose the red model as their symbol.

Adidas Gazelle features

The German company has succeeded in developing its three-stripes culture, as all their pairs feature this visual identity. This is true of the well-known Adidas Samba, which, like the Gazelle sneaker, proudly bears the three stripes.

If the Gazelle Adidas is still very popular in the world of streetwear and sportswear, it's thanks in particular to the fact that the German outfitter has been able to make modifications and implement the latest technologies in terms of comfort and support. The men's and women's Gazelles are available from Limited Resell and are a benchmark in the fashion world.

The structure of the pair is quite thin, making it very light and fast. But Adidas has succeeded in modifying the pair's genetics by incorporating three outsoles, as is the case on the Adidas Gazelle Bold Grey White pair. It retains its famous leather upper with suede accents, its rubber sole and its famous three serrated leather stripes.

Despite the fact that this pair is over 50 years old, Gazelle shoes haven't aged a bit and are even one of our best-sellers. The Adidas Gazelle Bold Pink Glow or the Adidas Gazelle Indoor Collegiate Green, for example, are a great success.