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Adidas Campus 00s


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Adidas Campus 00s, the new trend shoes fromAdidas?

These are booming times for the brand with the three stripes! After the hype surrounding the Sambas and the strong comeback of the Gazelle, it's now the turn of Adidas Campus to invade our social networks. Adidas Have they found their next Stan Smith?

The origin of the Adidas Campus

Lately, there's a trend among the big sneaker retailers to bring out their 80s models and imagine them in their 2000s version.

This is particularly true of the Adidas Campus. Adidas imagined this shoe at the end of the 1970s in order to establish itself in the world of basketball. It takes on the characteristics of two of its flagship models: the suede upper of the Gazelle and the allure of the Superstar. With yet another reference to the world of sport, Adidas named the sneaker "The Tournament".

However, the sneaker did not catch on. So Adidas rechristened it "Campus", and it was another world that saw this sneaker gain in popularity. The Adidas Campus 80s quickly became a popular choice for fans of streetwear and hip-hop culture.

At the time, breakdancers and rappers could be seen throwing their lot in with the Adidas Campus, before it also reached the skateboarding world. Adidas even reissued this sneaker, this time with a thinner sole to suit skateboarders and grip the board perfectly.

Despite this, it failed to match the German manufacturer's other models in terms of success and sales volumes. Although deeply rooted in hip-hop culture and with a rich cultural heritage, the Adidas Campus 80s shoe remained a little-known model for a long time.

At the time of its release, it failed to achieve iconic status among the brand's most famous models such as the Sambas, Gazelles or Stan Smiths. However, from a certain point of view, this allowed the Campus to become an insiders-only sneaker, appreciated only by connoisseurs, and to establish itself as an underground icon for sneaker addicts, as in the case of the Adidas Campus 80s South Park Towelie, for example.

Today, the reissue of these sneakers has not been slow to find its audience. For several weeks now, Adidas Campus 00s sneakers have been seen all over social networks, and on the feet of celebrities everywhere.

The design of Adidas Campus 00s

Like all pairs designed by Adidas, the Campus 00s features the iconic three stripes. It features a soft suede upper and a foam insole, making this pair extremely comfortable. The shoe's outsole is made of rubber, giving the Adidas Campus 00 that retro, skate-friendly look.

However, Adidas didn't want to be too generic when it came to the colors this model comes in. Choose from Adidas Campus 00s in light blue, yellow, red and orange! For those who like classic sneakers, a gray, black and brown version is also available.

How to wear Adidas Campus 00s?

First of all, you should know thatAdidas is a brand that tends to run a little small. So don't hesitate to add a half-size when choosing your model. What's more, although this pair of sneakers seems to be designed for skaters, its comfort will accompany you on your daily outings and enhance all your outfits. A pair for men and women alike!

The shoe's bright colors will add a touch of color to your outfits, so opt for sober-colored clothing to contrast with the pair. Jogging, pants, baggy... the Campus 00s Adidas can be adapted to suit all tastes!