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Trainers : why can we speak of a real fashion phenomenon?

trainers today represent much more than just trendy sneakers ; they embody a cultural phenomenon, a true reflection of the evolution of dress codes, sport and even society's relationship to fashion as a whole. In short, since their creation at the beginning of the 20th century, hype sneakers have evolved to become a must-have in contemporary fashion. Now, let's take a closer look at the famous history of the fashionable trainers phenomenon. Originally, trainers were mainly designed for sports. We think, for example, of Converse which, in 1917, introduced the famous All Star to the market, a shoe initially intended for basketball players. Other flagship brands such as Adidas and Puma , founded in Germany in the 1940s, also focused on producing models reserved for athletes. However, over time, these shoes have made their way off the sports field and quickly into everyday life. In the 1980s, figures like Michael Jordan (thanks to his iconic collaboration with Nike ) gave trainers an almost mythical status. Hip-hop culture, skateboarding and streetwear also played a major role in the popularization of this type of shoe.

The appearance of trainers has evolved considerably over the decades. From the simple, clean designs of the 50s to the high-tech models of the 2000s and the voluminous silhouettes of the 90s, each era was entitled to its iconic model. In fact, designers not only sought to create functional fashion shoes ; their goal was also to push the boundaries of design, while adapting to trends, which are constantly evolving. In addition, certain models have managed to stand the test of time without losing their authenticity. This is particularly the case with the Converse Chuck Taylor, the Adidas Stan Smith and the Nike Air Force 1 : each of these models remains popular despite the time that separates them from their arrival on the market. It must be said that their timeless and sober design adapts wonderfully to the outfits and tastes of multiple generations. In short, trainers have this incredible ability to evolve with the times: whether it is the craze for retro (found in the Jordan 1 ), the rise of eco-responsibility (embodied by the Veja trainers or the Dunk Low Next Nature ), or the incorporation of technology (present on the Air Max sneaker ), trainers have proven that they know how to respond to the needs and desires of consumers. Brands have also been able to take advantage of social media to maintain this trainer craze, to create a sense of urgency and desire around new releases, often making each launch a highly anticipated event.

Iconic trainers collabs

Many influential collaborations have redefined the lines of the trainers market. We think, for example, of the models developed by Air Jordan x Travis Scott , Nike x Off-White trainers , the sophisticated silhouettes signed Nike Sacai , then the legendary collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan . And the least we can say is that each of these partnerships has given rise to pairs that have met with great success! The collaboration between Air Jordan and Travis Scott, for example, gave rise to some of the most sought-after trainers of the decade. These shoes stand out for their clever details, such as hidden pockets and the use of the inverted Swoosh. These designs have been praised for their originality and have attracted a loyal and passionate clientele that is not only from the hip-hop community. This collaboration is a great example of how a well-executed partnership can elevate a product from a simple sporting item to a full-fledged object of desire. Nike Off-White The famous designer deconstructed classic Nike models and, among other things, brought to life “The Fifties” collection, in which 50 pairs of Dunk Low were revisited. Details like text labels and zip ties have become the collab's signature. This successful partnership attracted an audience that was primarily interested in high fashion, which significantly expanded the reach of the Nike brand . But the latter did not stop at this success: a few years ago, the brand joined forces with Japanese designer Chitose Abe, founder of Sacai. By merging two classic Nike models into a single silhouette, she created trainers with an atypical and daring style that appealed to many. This dual aesthetic brought new life to trainer , and further strengthened the link between haute couture and streetwear. Finally, how can we talk about successful collaborations without mentioning that of Nike X Michael Jordan ? Constituting the starting point of the trainers phenomenon, this partnership which gave rise to a brand in its own right, Air Jordan , still enjoys a certain popularity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Nike Air Jordan line has clearly driven the arrival of a whole new market: that of trainer .

What are the trainers of the moment?

This year, certain pairs of sneakers particularly caught the eye of sneakerheads. This is particularly the case with the Adidas Campus 00s : this classic model which saw the light of day for the first time in the 1970s. Although the Adidas Campus 00s sneaker was quickly validated in the 80s/90s, it nevertheless disappeared streets in recent years... until they came back in force a few months ago. Sporting a suede base, stamped with the three stripes and characterized by its authentic look, the Adidas Campus is now regaining popularity. The New Balance 2002R collection is also one of the big trends recently. This recent model was inspired by the original silhouette from 2010. The 2002R New Balance has a running style and is equipped with indisputable comfort thanks to its ABZORB cushioning technology. It has been very well received in the fashion world for its original design which combines retro look and modern elements. Of course, as for years, Air Jordan 1s continue to be at the forefront of fashion. These trendy shoes are still a true pillar of trainer culture and urban fashion today. Their timeless design and versatility make each pair in the Air Jordan 1 collection a sure value. Also, the Jordan 4s have been the subject of a certain desire this year. Known for its bold design thanks to its fins and TPU cage on the quarter panel, the Air Jordan 4 represents a perfect blend of robustness and style. The Air Max TN is also still as popular as ever. Also known as Air Max Plus or Requin, this model first released in 1998 is characterized by its air tuning technology, hence the "TN". These trendy trainers have particularly appealed to streetwear fans. Their rebellious design and side patterns evoking flames make the Air Max TN Plus a pair that will not go unnoticed. Finally, the Dunk Low remains headlining this year again. Its clean panels and signature side swoosh make the Nike Dunk Low a popular choice for all generations and THE ultimate fashion shoe .

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